Urgent Clarification and Resolution Request Regarding TELE IDO Public Timing Discrepancy

Dear Ton up’s Community Team and Fellow Community Members,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to address a crucial concern regarding the timing information provided for the TELE IDO Public sale. According to the official announcements, there seems to have been a discrepancy in the communicated start date of the public phase, which has caused confusion and unfortunately led to my missing out on a significant opportunity.

The initial announcement stated the following schedule for the TELE IDO Public sale:

  • Start Date: March 22, 16:00 PM UTC
  • End Date: March 24, 16:00 PM UTC

However, subsequent communications or interpretations seemed to suggest a start date of March 23, which contradicted the original schedule. This discrepancy led to a misunderstanding on my part, causing me to miss the beginning of the public sale phase.

Given the situation, I kindly request the following:

  1. Clarification: Could you please clarify the communication around the timing and ensure all community members are on the same page regarding such critical events?
  2. Resolution Path: For those affected by this discrepancy, could you consider offering a resolution or an alternative way to participate or benefit, recognizing the confusion caused?

I am deeply invested in the success of TonX Protocol and am eager to contribute positively to our community. I understand that errors can occur, and my intent is not to cast blame but to seek understanding and a possible solution to this unfortunate situation.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and am hopeful for a favorable resolution that strengthens our community’s trust and solidarity.

Here is my argure on X:https://x.com/0xYuCry/status/1770776414687498505?s=20

Best Regards, YuCry

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Hi dude! May I ask where you see the Public round data started from March 23?

Increase the time and number of supply please, I love tele please