AMA – 「Dec -18 -2023 11:00 UTC」w/ TON Korea Society

Host: TON Korea

Guest Speaker: TonUP Korean Community Manager - Lori

Time & Date :Dec - 18 - 2023 22:00 KST/13:00 UTC

Place: Twitter Space

Team Background

TonUP boasts a highly dedicated team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our team members are passionate about driving growth and development within the TON ecosystem. We work closely with the TON Foundation and TONCoin Fund to ensure the success of projects launched through TonUP. Currently, our team is united remotely across the globe, primarily based in Europe and Southeast Asia, allowing us to leverage diverse perspectives and maximize our global reach.

Question: I would like to know what are the conditions to participate in TonUP’s launchpad and how to participate?


Everyone’s able to participate in TonUP’s IDO, launchpad page just got updated on our official website, it was upgraded to the 2.0 version yesterday, so you may able to review our TonUP IDO page now!

Basically, everyone’s able to participate in the IDO on the 20th via the public sale round, while some fortunate community members got the fast pass of whitelist, to attend the IDO one hour in advance.

So, the difference between whitelist and public sales, besides to the advantages lines in the IDO time, the vesting period, allocation percentages, and participation amount are also different.

Obviously, in a First-come-first-serve event, holding whitelist will be much more competitive than those running the public sales. There’s also whitelist slots that we have open for Dokdo DAO of our collaborations, so congratulations to those who win the whitelists!

Question: Regarding the grants received from the TONCoin Fund and TON Foundation, how has TonUP utilized these funds to contribute to the TON ecosystem?

Over the past four months since its establishment, TonUP has experienced a tightly packed development, with our collaborations and activities closely linked to the TON ecosystem.

For instance, in our TONversation column, we established connections with the main community leaders and core developers of the TON ecosystem, initiating interviews, collaborations, and other initiatives. We also explored top Asian media outlets like Foresight and BlockTempo for channel expansion and publicity. TONversation received significant support from ecosystem researchers and native communities, making a considerable contribution to the TON ecosystem. The professional and authoritative information disclosed in these articles has since become a reference for many TON ecosystem researchers and journalists in their investigations and analyses of TON.

Additionally, many investors and developers interested in the TON ecosystem have come to know TonUP through these articles, establishing contact with us to discuss potential collaborations. Although this development strategy requires considerable human and material resources, as well as coordination across various channels, it has given us a significant advantage.

As mentioned earlier, we were a major sponsor at the Dubai ecosystem conference Gateway in November, where we made in-depth conceptual contributions. We also hosted the most successful side event during the conference. This is because nearly all project parties in the TON ecosystem, along with core development members and foundation officials, attended our event. The event was over capacity with more than 40 extra attendees, and all our peripheral merchandise was completely sold out. Interested individuals can view the videos recorded at the time on our Twitter.

Furthermore, in the essay contest we held on December 1, TonUP, aiming to encourage more scholars to independently understand and express their views on TON ecosystem events, offered a prize of 500 TON for a community essay contest. This event is held every season, running from December 1 to December 31. Details can be found on our official website under the community section, and everyone is welcome to participate!

Question: Dive deeper into the utility of the $UP token; how will it play a role in governance on both TON and TonUP, and what specific privileges does holding $UP provide?


The $UP token holds significant utility and plays a crucial role in governance within TonUP. As a holder of $UP tokens, you gain several privileges and responsibilities. Here are some specific ways in which $UP tokens are utilized:

  1. Exclusive Access and Benefits: Holding $UP tokens grants you access to exclusive features and privileges within the TonUP ecosystem. This can include early access to project launches, participation in private sales, exclusive airdrops, and other incentives reserved for token holders. These benefits provide opportunities for token holders to engage more deeply with the TonUP platform and its offerings.
  2. Staking and Rewards: $UP tokens may also offer staking opportunities, allowing holders to lock their tokens for a specified period. By staking $UP, participants can earn additional rewards, such as a percentage of project fees, platform revenue, or token incentives. Staking incentivizes long-term engagement and active participation within the ecosystem.
  • It’s important to note that specific details regarding the governance and privileges associated with $UP tokens may be outlined in the respective governance frameworks and tokenomics of TON and TonUP. As the ecosystem evolves, additional utilities and benefits may be introduced to further enhance the value proposition of $UP tokens.

Details About our Tokenomics Here:point_left:

For more details of TonUP IDO/IEO , please refer to :point_right: Everything you need to know about TonUP IDO.

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