AMA - 「Dec - 19th - 2023 12:00 UTC」 w/ Bitget x T2T2** How to Seize the Next Hidden Gem

AMA - 「Dec - 19th - 2023 12:00 UTC」 w/ Bitget x T2T2

Host - Bitget Global

Guest Speakers - TonUP BD , COO T2T2

Time& Date - Dec - 19th - 2023 12:00 UTC

Place - Twitter Space

Q1: To TonUP & T2T2: To start, could you give us an introduction to your project, the story behind its inception, and what unique value proposition it brings to your users?

Let’s start with some background with TON, so the stories will be much more to clearer to the community.

So, Telegram had announced the exclusive partnership with TON during Token 2049, together they’ll seeking to make digital ownership easy for billions of people.

According to a recent report by the Ton Foundation, Telegram’s influence in the global digital landscape is undeniable. Data sourced from Statista reveals an intriguing metric which is about the proportion of Telegram users in relation to the total number of internet users. The dominance is evident in countries like Russia , Malaysia are all at higher than 60%, and Brazil at 59%. Considering that Telegram boasts nearly 800 million monthly active users, it underscores the vast potential of the Ton blockchain ecosystem, TON’s gonna established the true “Web3.0 massive adoption” with the power backed by Telegram and this is also why we are so confident of our potentials and values.

About TonUP
TonUp is the premier launchpad for TON, focused on discovering and nurturing promising projects while presenting new opportunities to the entire community.Our team was established in August 2023, and our product was successfully launched at the end of the same month. The core members of our team and our project concept have been highly trusted by many project parties and officials in the TON ecosystem. Therefore, at the beginning of our establishment, we successfully received grants and funding from the TON Foundation and, and jointly held the TONEco Adventure Campagins, a major ecological event, with the TON Foundation. After collecting data, we found that in the TonEco event, we conducted a total of 22 campaigns, with over 100,000 users participating.

Benefiting from this, at the end of the first month after our establishment, we successfully assisted our first IDO Project, Tap Fantasy, in launching the MC token. During the bear market period with low market sentiment, we achieved the milestone of raising 80,000 $TON in 32 minutes.

Following this, as the news of TON and Telegram’s official partnership at Token2049, we noticed that many Web3 ecosystem users began paying attention to TON but knew nothing about the overall development of the TON blockchain. Therefore, TonUP cooperated with the core developers of the TON Foundation and community leaders to launch the TONversation column. At the end of October, we released our first article, “Unraveling History Development of The Open Network: The Phoenix Shall Rise from the Ashes,” which received widespread praise and shares from various media outlets.

At the end of October, we announced the completion of our seed funding round, led by TONCoin Fund, with participation from Foresight X, Waterdrip Capital, BitFund DAO, and some angel investors.

In November, TonUP participated as a sponsor in the TON ecosystem conference Gateway’s panel discussion. Our founder, Leo, presented profound insights at the roundtable, gaining the favor of many project parties and foundations in the TON ecosystem. They continued their discussions at the Side Event hosted by TonUP in Dubai and have maintained cooperative discussions since then.

On December 1, TonUP, in collaboration with top academic institutions like the Imperial College Blockchain Group, Peking University Blockchain Community, and the HKU Blockchain Community, organized an writing contest. The aim was to encourage more and more students and people to spontaneously learn about and contribute to the TON ecosystem, to write some outputs, and that event is still ongoing till the end of this months, so if there’s anyone interested in, please refer to our community, you will find the contest there.

Following that is our upcoming TonUP UP token IDO/IEO event, IDO on Dec 20th, the public sale start at 11:00 AM UTC , IEO on the 22ed launching on Bitget Launchpad.

Q2. To TonUP: You have positioned yourself as the launchpad for promising projects on the Open Network (Ton). TonUP has received support from the TON Foundation, TONcoin.Fund, and ForesightX since its launch. Could you elaborate why this focus is important for TonUP? What are some specific advantages of building on Ton?

Firstly, obtaining support from the TON official foundation and allows us to become the true gatekeepers of the TON ecosystem. We all know that TON is an ecosystem with great potential. It is a blockchain ecosystem that can solve the long-standing problem in web3 of not knowing how to onboard a large number of web2 users.

TON has a natural advantage in acquiring users and traffic. However, it is still in its early stages, and many ecosystem projects are still in development. This is why I think the TON Foundation approached our team before the official announcement at Token2049, hoping that a team with efficient execution could take on the role of the Launchpad. In the future, the TON ecosystem will welcome many projects, and an officially endorsed launchpad will mean the ability and wealth to create quality assets for the TON ecosystem. This is the real positioning of the TonUP team.

Not only do we have the endorsement of the TON official, but we also have the support of many excellent investment institutions, such as Foresight, Waterdrip, and Bitfund.DAO. These institutions first of all are very optimistic about TON’s advantages and its potential in the later stages, and they also recognize the capabilities of the TonUP team.

This is very important for us because these institutions can provide us, first of all, with very mature due diligence experience. When we select IDO Projects, our investors can act as a third eye for us, helping our IDO community to screen and assess the risks and potential of projects. At the same time, they will provide us with strong experience in market operations and cooperative resources, which is our ability to promote ourselves through channels other than the TON ecosystem. It is important to let more people understand the value of TON and our TonUP value

Q3. To TonUP: What is the role of the $UP token? Could you elaborate on its tokenomics and how it could benefit the token holders?

For our UP tokenomic, the $UP token holds significant utility and plays a crucial role in governance within TonUP. As a holder of $UP tokens, you gain several privileges and responsibilities. For example, in one of our future roadmap, TonUP is gonna transfer the launchpad into TonUPX, which is gonna be a permissionless Launchpad governed by TonUP DAO. $UP tokens enable holders to contribute to the decision-making process regarding the launchpad and TonUP’s development. This includes voting on project listings, platform upgrades, and strategic initiatives. Through governance, $UP token holders have a direct impact on shaping the future of TonUP and the projects it supports. with returns, all of the revenue that is collected by IDO Projects will directly benefiting the TonUP DAO.

Also, there’s another key development aligns in our pipeline, which is TonUP Earning, its about Staking and Rewards: $UP tokens may also offer staking opportunities, allowing holders to lock their tokens for a specified period. By staking $UP, participants can earn additional rewards.

This means that if there are projects tending to enter the TON ecosystem, TonUP will be the most resourceful launchpad, and UP-holders will govern TonUP through the TonUP DAO, making the most powerful decisions for the entire community. If a project is eager to collaborate with TonUP, and trying to launch on TonUP, they might need to purchase a large amount of UPtokens to have a corresponding say in the TonUP DAO. However, buying a large amount of UP tokens will also benefit the community of UP token holders in the reflection of a higher price. UP token holders can also increase their own value by staking their tokens to mine more.

Details About our Tokenomics Here:point_left:

For more details of TonUP IDO/IEO , please refer to :point_right: Everything you need to know about TonUP IDO.

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