Oct - 11 Major News: TON Aims to Challenge Guinness World Records for the Fastest Blockchain Network: The Explosive Potential of the TON Ecosystem Awaits!

In an exciting announcement, TonUP, as the Launchpad of TON blockchain, proudly shares the news of TON’s upcoming endeavor to establish the world’s fastest blockchain, officially recognized by Guinness World Records. The highly anticipated public network performance test is scheduled for October 31, 2023, at 15:00 UTC. This milestone event will showcase the remarkable reliability, scalability, and speed of the TON blockchain.

Unleashing Unprecedented Speed:

TON Foundation has collaborated with various industry leaders, including Alibaba Cloud, to set up an impressive infrastructure of 256 servers specifically dedicated to validator nodes. This robust setup will facilitate the launch of a separate TON blockchain network solely for conducting the rigorous performance tests.

Exponential Growth:
Since 2022, the growth of the TON blockchain has been nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing a staggering 20-fold increase in addresses, from 170,000 to an astonishing 3.5 million, the user base expansion has been accompanied by the simultaneous expansion of TON network’s validator nodes to 350. This decentralized approach has effectively extended the network’s reach, with nodes now spread across 25 nations.

Reliability at Its Core:
Throughout its rapid expansion, TON Blockchain has maintained an impeccable track record, with no major network disruptions reported to date. This reliability affirms TON Blockchain’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure user experience within the TON ecosystem.

Empowering Mainstream Adoption:
Underlining TON Foundation’s dedication to bringing decentralized technology into the mainstream, the recent collaboration between TON and Telegram, announced on September 13, signifies a significant step forward. TON’s upcoming performance test is a pivotal milestone, designed to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the TON blockchain as it cements its position as the trusted infrastructure layer for the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem within the Telegram platform.

Excitement Builds for the Performance Test:
“We look forward to October 31, 2023 to confirm that the TON blockchain technically stands out among any other blockchain, especially in its ability to scale,” says Anatoly Makosov, Core Development Lead at TON Foundation. This large-scale public performance test of TON is undoubtedly a moment of excitement.

Join the Live Experience:
As the world eagerly anticipates this groundbreaking event, we invites global audiences to experience it in real-time via live.ton.org. Viewers are encouraged to join in for informational purposes, gaining valuable insights into the TON blockchain’s capabilities, but are urged to refrain from making any investment decisions based solely on the outcome.

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Author: TON Foundation News Direct - Zug, Switzerland

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