Ecosystem in Jan/2024 - Witnessing A Record-Breaking Surge


In a remarkable testament to the vitality of the TON ecosystem, we’ve witnessed signals of a powerful bullish return, with TonUP observing a record-setting increase in blockchain addresses this month—a surge nearly four to five times the average growth of the past half-year. This milestone underscores a period of vigorous activity and innovation within the TON ecosystem, highlighted by TonUP’s strategic funding of three groundbreaking projects: TonTogether, PixelSwap, and TBRC-20, each marking a first in their domain.

Key figures

  • Total Address on TON: 4,174,537 →5,039,300 (+20.72%)
  • $TON Price: $2.16 USDT → $2.06 USDT
  • $UP Price: $1.75 (ATH) - $0.1 (ATL)

Telegram X TON News:

  • TON Society introduced profiles for its diverse community members, allowing users to personalize their profiles by connecting their wallets and fostering deeper connections within the community. More Details.

  • TON’s year in review for 2023, featuring record-breaking blockchain speed, integration with Telegram, and TON’s inaugural in-person conference in Dubai. More Details.

  • MyTonWallet unveiled version v17, featuring mobile apps for iOS and Android, new staking options, swap functionality, cross-chain swaps, enhanced security, base currency selection, and browser extensions for Firefox and Edge. More Details.

  • Re:doubt and Whiterabbit released an in-depth research to uncover the dynamic landscape of liquid staking on TON.More Details.

  • Reku, a leading Indonesian crypto exchange, has listed Toncoin (TON) with a TON/IDR trading pair. More Details.

  • RedStone Oracles partnered with TON Blockchain to enhance the network’s DeFi infrastructure. More Details.

  • PixelSwap, the inaugural weighted pool decentralized exchange (DEX) on the TON blockchain, is poised for its testnet launch. This pioneering initiative is bolstered by the collaborative support of TonUP and Foresight X through their joint grants program. More Details.

  • TON Foundation had shared a short video highlighting key moments from the Gateway, TON’s first in-person conference. More Details.

  • The TON Developer Report for Q4 2023 highlighted the growth of the TON Developers Community and significant improvements to the tApps Center and Telegram Mini Apps platform. More Details.

  • TON Society introduced three new regional hubs and announced their first meetups, aimed at fostering connections among TON enthusiasts and promoting awareness of The Open Network across various regions. More Details.

  • TON Foundation had shared an intro to TON Ecosystem guide, offering newcomers a starting point to explore The Open Network and Telegram’s TON-based Web3 ecosystem. More Details.

  • OKX began utilizing Tonstakers to offer on-chain TON rewards to their users. More Details.

Ecosystem News:

  • In a parallel development, TonTogether, an innovative No-Loss Prize Saving Game built on the TON blockchain, has been officially unveiled on the TonUP official website. This platform has already garnered significant attention, with over 1 million UP tokens staked, highlighting the community’s enthusiasm and support. More Details.

  • TBRC, a unique social experiment leveraging inscriptions on the TON Blockchain, has gained backing from the Foresight X & TonUP Joint Grants. This initiative underscores the versatile applications and growing interest in the TON ecosystem. More Details.

  • Pearls by Gems announced a special festive surprise drop, offering participants the chance to receive digital collectibles for free. More Details.

  • Playmuse launched a Telegram Mini App (TMA) that allows users to access exclusive content by purchasing NFTs from creators’ collections. Verify NFTs and gain access to private channels or chats linked to the NFTs. More Details.

  •, TON Punks, Storm Trade, Tonstarter, EVAA Protocol, Getgems, and TON Diamonds teamed up for TON Winter Fest, a bounty campaign with a $30,000 prize fund. More Details.

  • TONNEL Network has successfully launched on TON Mainnet, featuring the first ZK Protocol on the TON Blockchain, offering a privacy layer for TON and Telegram users. To celebrate, they are hosting a 100,000 $TONNEL airdrop campaign from January 2 to 12, 2024. More Details.

  • achieved a trading volume record, surpassing $2,919,402 on January 3, 2024, nearly reaching three million USD in a single day. More Details.

  • EVAA Protocol has gone live on TON Mainnet, introducing decentralized lending and borrowing, enabling sophisticated leveraged trading and yield opportunities for its users. More Details.

  • ShareON launched a new Telegram Mini App built on TON Blockchain, transforming the way Telegram users engage with content. More Details.

  • Tonhub Wallet unveiled its largest update, Tonhub 2.0, featuring a revamped look, improved performance, multi-wallet support, a renewed Ledger interface, and avatar customization options. More Details.


As we conclude this monthly digest, the unparalleled growth and dynamism within the TON ecosystem are clear indicators of a bright future ahead. TonUP’s proactive involvement and support for pioneering projects continue to drive the ecosystem forward, reinforcing our shared vision of innovation and connectivity. This narrative is not just about numbers; it’s about the collective journey towards redefining the boundaries of blockchain technology. Here’s to forging ahead into a future brimming with potential, powered by the unwavering spirit of the TON community.

About TonUP:

TonUp is the premier launchpad for TON, focused on discovering and nurturing promising projects while presenting new opportunities to the entire community.

TonUP is also the sole launchpad supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund, Foresight X, AC Capital and Waterdrip. Positioned at the heart of TON’s ecosystem, TonUP holds significant influence in the Greater China region. Collaborating with TON, TonUP continues to expand its reach across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey.

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