TON Ecosystem in December - Rise of the Titans: the Month of Unprecedented Growth for the TON Blockchain

December marked a period of remarkable progress for the TON ecosystem. A major highlight was the unprecedented success of the IDO on TON, spearheaded by TonUP’s $UP Token Self-IDO. This event set a new record in the TON Ecosystem’s IDO history, astonishingly raising 40,000 TONCoin in a mere 15 seconds during its public sale round, surpassing all previous records. Simultaneously, the TON blockchain demonstrated its innovative dynamic sharding capability for the first time, a response to the surge in traffic due to the immense popularity of the Tonano inscription project. These milestones underscore the vibrant and rapidly evolving nature of the TON ecosystem

Key figures

  • Total Address on TON: 3,842,227 →4,174,537 (+8.65%%)
  • $TON Price: $2.44 USDT → $2.16 USDT
  • $UP Price: $1.75 (ATH) - $0.1 (ATL)

Telegram X TON News:

  • On December 20, TonUP conducted their token’s IDO, raising 40,000 TONCoin in 15 seconds, and stabilizing the price at 6-10 times the initial launch price on corresponding CEXs and DEXs like Bitget and Ston.Fi. The number of token-holding addresses reached over 9000, making it the one of the most successful and fastest-selling IDO in TON’s history. More Details.

  • Paribu, Turkey’s leading crypto exchange, has listed Toncoin (TON) with the first TON/TRY trading pair. More Details.

  • Animoca Brands became the largest validator on TON Blockchain, enhancing the TON Ecosystem with funding, research, analytics, and support for third-party gaming and GameFi projects. More Details.

  • KuCoin Ventures, the investment arm of KuCoin Exchange, has partnered with TON Foundation to provide a grant supporting the growth of the TON Ecosystem, particularly focusing on five TON-based mini-apps in payments or GameFi. More Details.

  • Port3 Network has begun supporting the deployment of NFTs and SBTs within the TON Ecosystem. More Details.

  • Bitget Wallet, Asia’s largest all-in-one Web3 trading wallet with over 12 million users, has integrated TON Mainnet, allowing users to easily add TON. More Details.

  • The TON Blockchain experienced reduced performance due to a transaction backlog. Now, all network services are operating normally thanks to the quick response from TON validators and community projects. More Details.

  • TON achieved a significant milestone by processing over 80 million Inscriptions transactions in just 15 days, showcasing its robust scalability and dynamic sharding capabilities. More Details.

Ecosystem News:

  • Foresight X and TonUP launched a $200,000 grants program for the TON Ecosystem. Aiming to fund over 20 TON-based projects, this initiative focuses on startups developing upper-layer apps and Telegram Mini App integrations. More Details.

  • TonUP announced the completion of the new private funding round, with notable backers including Antalpha, MEXC Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, New Tribe Capital, NxGen Capital, MixMarval DAO Venture, y2z Venture, and leading individual investors. This marks TonUP as the first TON ecosystem project to receive a primary investment from MEXC Ventures, following its previous eight-figure investment in TONCoin. More Details.

  • TonTogether, a pioneer No-Loss Prize Saving Protocol operating on TON Blockchain, has proudly become the inaugural recipient of the Foresight X & TonUP Joint Grants. More Details.

  • Ton Raffles introduced the fair launch method for its $RAFF token sale in the TON Ecosystem, attracting 2,151 participants and a deposit of 197,493.69 TON, showcasing TON’s commitment to innovation and transparent project launches. More Details.

  • The “TON Innovators” series introduced EVAA Protocol, the first decentralized lending platform on TON, enabling users to lend and borrow digital assets through smart contracts. EVAA has also launched a Hackathon aiming to enhance the TON DeFi ecosystem. More Details.

  • Ledger hardware wallets added support for TON, allowing users to securely store Toncoin and other TON tokens (jettons) with the highest security standards. More Details.

  • The introduction of Compressed NFTs (cNFTs) on TON has significantly reduced minting costs, with the @Getgems NFT marketplace releasing over 75,000 cNFTs at a fraction of the usual minting price, marking the beginning of a new era in NFT creation and accessibility. More Details.

  • OKX collaborated with TON to launch the TONomania campaign, starting with Phase 1, where eligible participants can “Learn & Earn” by completing a quiz in the OKX app to win a share of the 8,000 Toncoin prize pool. More Details.

  • HackenProof and TON Foundation teamed up to launch a new bug bounty program. It is aimed at enhancing TON Ecosystem’s security by leveraging HackenProof’s extensive global network of hackers and professional security researchers. More Details.

  • Layerswap has integrated TON, enhancing user access to the TON Network from over 40 sources, including major blockchain networks, popular exchanges, and fiat via Stripe. More Details.

:smile: Happy New Year to all TON&TonUP Community!

About TonUP:

TonUp is the premier launchpad for TON, focused on discovering and nurturing promising projects while presenting new opportunities to the entire community.

TonUP is also the sole launchpad supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund, Foresight X, AC Capital and Waterdrip. Positioned at the heart of TON’s ecosystem, TonUP holds significant influence in the Greater China region. Collaborating with TON, TonUP continues to expand its reach across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey.

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