TON Ecosystem on August - Welcome the REAL LAUNCHPAD on TON

August was a month of robust growth and innovation in the Ton Ecosystem, highlighted by significant advancements and integrations with both TonUP and Ton Ecosystem. Here’s a comprehensive report that encapsulates all the developments that occurred during the month:

Key Figures

  • Total address on TON: 3,110,616 → 3,254,788
  • TVL: 10.16MM → 10.89MM $USD
  • $TON price: $1.2 USDT → $1.75 USDT

TonUP News

  • :clap: TON has a real launchpad called TonUP, a new platform dedicated to nurturing projects within the TON ecosystem from IDO to integration with TON DEX. More details.

  • :tada: TonUP raised 80,000 TON in 32 minutes for Tap Fantasy, equivalent to approximately $150,000. More details.

  • :moneybag: TONcoin.Fund, with its significant $250,000,000 TON investment reserve, has decided to invest an undisclosed six-figure amount in TonUP. More details.

  • Including TonUP, five projects have received grants from the foundation’s support. More details.

  • TonX organized the TON Taipei Workshop, and TonUP also sponsored this event. More details.

  • TonEco Adventurer Campaign: Proposed by TonUP and backed by TON Foundation, this campaign allows users to win up to $20,000 by completing tasks related to the TON ecosystem, fostering community engagement and participation. More details.

Ecosystem News

  • The Wallet team has unveiled the TON Space non-custodial wallet interface for the first time while currently in closed beta testing. More details.

  • Wallet 3.0 Release: The new version features an enhanced interface and new user-friendly features, promising a smoother user experience. More details.

  • Sender wallet natively supporting TON. Sender secured seed funding from Binance Labs and completed a $4.5M private financing round led by Pantera Capital in 2023. More details.

  • Launch of TON Space: A non-custodial crypto wallet now in beta, integrates directly with Telegram, paving the way for streamlined crypto transactions. More details.

  • BIT exchange began accepting Toncoin for trading fee payments, offering a 10% discount to users. More details.

  • Offline Workshops in Asia: Throughout August, a series of offline workshops were held across Asia, providing a platform for TON developers and enthusiasts to engage and collaborate.More details.

  • New Crypto Wallet “tons”: This application caters to advanced users, allowing them to manage TON wallets via the command line, marking a significant step forward in user empowerment.More details.

  • TON Smart Challenge #4: This contest, open to both newcomers and experienced FunC developers, boasted a prize pool of 30,000 Toncoin, fostering innovation within the community.More details.

  • First-ever TON Foundation Offline Conference: Slated to be held in Dubai in November, this conference promises to be a hotspot for networking and collaboration.More details.

  • Hacker and Developer Contest: TON Foundation launched a contest to find vulnerabilities in the liquid staking smart contracts, encouraging community participation in securing the network.More details.

  • Integration with Tap Fantasy: The anime MMORPG announced plans for deeper integration with the TON Ecosystem, promising enriched gaming experiences.More details.

  • TON Believers Fund Initiative: Toncoin holders got the opportunity to voluntarily freeze their coins for five years, showcasing their faith in the long-term prospects of the TON ecosystem.More details.

  • Telegram Apps Center: a catalog showcasing the Telegram Bots and Web Apps (TWAs) ecosystem, is now live.More details.

  • Telegram’s 10th Anniversary contest ended. The winners will receive a one-year Telegram Premium subscription shortly! More details.

  • TON’s DeFi Liquidity Incentive Program has announced its support for the Hero Blaze Telegram mini-game. More details.

We look forward to more growth and innovation in September, with a continuous upward trajectory fostered by collaborations and community engagement. Stay tuned for more updates from the TON Ecosystem.

Some of the content in this article is excerpted from the official Telegram channel of TON Community. We have made additions, deletions, and reorganization. You can click on “More details” to view the source information.