TON Ecosystem in October - Paving the Path Towards Mass Adoption

In October, the ecosystem saw strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and the introduction of innovative projects. Notable events included the successful completion of the world record challenge for the fastest and most scalable blockchain, the announcement of TON’s first-ever Ecosystem Conference - the Gateway,and etc. These developments highlight the ecosystem’s versatility, global reach, and commitment to enhancing the user experience and security of the network.

Key figures

  • Total Address on TON: 3,442,103 → 3,643,157 (+6.07%)
  • $TON Price: $2.16 USDT → $2.21 USDT

Telegram X TON News:

  • The TON Ecosystem Q3 2023 report highlighted a pivotal quarter with over 3.5 million accounts, strategic partnerships, and more. More Details.

  • The TON Developer Report for Q3 2023 highlighted innovative launches such as TON Space, noteworthy technological advancements, and significant growth within the TON Ecosystem. More Details .

  • Tickets were released for TON’s first-ever conference, the Gateway, scheduled for November 10-11, 2023 in Dubai. The event will feature major announcements, talks by key figures, project showcases, and networking opportunities for the TON Community. More Details.

  • The TON Believers Fund raised 1.3 billion TON (~$2.8 billion). This initiative has significantly improved TON’s tokenomics. More Details.

  • On October 31,2023, TON had successfully challenged the world record for most transactions per second (TPS) by undergoing its first public performance test. More Details.

  • MEXC Ventures invested eight-figures in Toncoin and formed a strategic partnership with TON Foundation to support the growth of the TON Ecosystem and to make Web3 globally accessible. More Details.

  • Wallet introduced a new community channel for Spanish-speaking users and celebrated with a contest. More Details.

Ecosystem News:

  • TonUP completes Seed Round Funding led by TONCoin Fund, with participate from Foresight X, Waterdrip Capital, BitFund DAO, and several angel investors. More Details.

  • Metalist Game partners with TON to launch its first Telegram game, introducing its premier TCG card game – ‘Cards Ahoy’ and on-chain game identity, “Game Console”. More Details.

  • unveiled its revamped interface with improvements across the platform, including a new light theme, providing a sleeker user experience on both mobile and desktop versions. More Details.

  • Tonstakers pool was integrated into Tonkeeper, simplifying participation in TON validation and making it easier to earn a share of network fees. More Details.

  • Hack-TON-Berfest 2023 has begun, welcoming participants of all skill levels to engage in a month of coding and innovation within the TON Ecosystem. The event will feature continuous project and task unveilings, learning resources, and community support. More Details.

  • integrated with TON and joined the TON Gaming Alliance. Fanton is the first TON project to be listed on Game Hub. More Details.

  • Five new projects were approved for TON Grants, bringing innovative solutions and showcasing the TON Ecosystem’s versatile applications and global reach. More Details.

  • The Gateway announced Orbs, a leading L3 public blockchain infrastructure project, as its first Diamond sponsor. More Details.

  • Mantle Network and TON Foundation forged a strategic alliance with a focus on EVM Layer 2 solutions, enhancing interoperability and bridging $MNT, to TON. More Details.

  • Storm Trade, the first TON-based DEX offering leverage trading, launched on Mainnet, aiming to elevate TON’s DeFi landscape. More Details.

  • TON Foundation enlisted the support of Elliptic, a move aimed at providing the network with data intelligence and enhancing TON Ecosystem’s security. Elliptic will also assist in listing Toncoin on new exchanges. More Details.

As we reflect on a successful October and look forward to the upcoming Dubai Conference in November, we are excited for the potential heights that TON can reach. The Gateway may be an opportunity for the TON community to come together, share insights, and foster collaboration that will propel the ecosystem to new levels of success.

Additionally, we are eager to welcome more assets and projects to join the TON ecosystem, further enriching our vibrant community and solidifying our position as a leading blockchain platform.

:blush: Thanks for taking time learning Ton-Eco system & TonUP.

TonUP is a distinguished Launchpad platform operating on the TON Blockchain, dedicated to identifying and fostering high-potential projects, showcasing new opportunities to the entire community. Since our inception, we have been warmly supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund and ForesightX. Our mission is to back assets with significant potential on the TON Blockchain and contribute to the growth of the TON ecosystem.

If this is your first encounter with TonUP or Ton-blockchain, we cordially invite you to delve deeper through the our TONversation Column to gain a comprehensive Review of TON & TONEco.

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