TON Ecosystem in September - A Month of Substantial Growth and New Beginnings

TON Ecosystem on September - A Month of Substantial Growth and New Beginnings

In September, the TON Ecosystem witnessed substantial growth and development, highlighting a rise in total addresses and $TON price.The month was filled with notable events, including the major announcement of Telegram x TON’s partnership during TOKEN2049 and The unveiling of the TON Space wallet’s interface and its integration with Telegram Messenger aims to onboard 800 million users, further expanding TON’s reach. Several new initiatives and collaborations were launched to bolster the ecosystem’s infrastructure.

Key Figures

  • Total address on TON: 3,263,713 → 3,442,103
  • TON Price: $1.75 USDT → $2.16 USDT

Telegram X TON News

  • TON Foundation has made the partnership announcement with Telegram during TOKEN2049: “Transforming Telegram to Web3 with Toncoin”. More Details.
    • A milestone in the journey towards mainstream adoption of Web3. TON Foundation has started working with Telegram, to integrate and promote a TON-based Web3 ecosystem in the global messenger.
  • TON Foundation and Telegram Messenger announced a new integration of a non-custodial TON Space will give 800 million people the ability to own and manage their digital assets easily in Telegram. More Details.
  • The Wallet team unveiled the interface of the non-custodial TON Space wallet, currently in closed beta testing. More Details.
  • First Stage Labs has undergone a rebranding and now operates under the name “The Open Platform,” with a renewed focus on establishing itself as the leading developer within the Telegram Web3 ecosystem. More Details.
  • On 31 August, the second-ever TON Demo Day took place, where six promising teams presented their projects to investors and potential partners. More details.
  • Check out the latest guidelines on “Where to buy Toncoin?”

Ecosystem News

  • According to initial results from the TON Believers Fund, more than 8,000,000 Toncoin has already been deposited into the locker smart contract. More Details.
  • The Open Challenge Program has transitioned to the DeFi Liquidity Incentive Program, aiming to more effectively grow the TON DeFi ecosystem with tailored liquidity incentives. More Details.
  • TON Foundation is launching a new grants program to support teams developing projects within the Telegram Web3 ecosystem. More Details.
  • NFT ONE, the new NFT marketplace with social functions, is now live. More Details.
  • Sender Wallet, a leading cross-chain wallet, now supports TON. More Details.
  • Playmuse, the unique TON NFT marketplace for music and video, has launched its full version. More Details.
  • TonUP team sincerely apologizes for the Tap Fantasy IDO incident and has repurchased all of the $MC tokens using all revenues. All fundraised assets have been injected into LP, and all repurchased tokens have been destroyed. More Details.
  • DEX has officially launched STON token staking.
  • The Storm Trade DEX testnet invites users to join the Early Birds program for the chance win up to 30,000 STORM tokens. More Details.
  • XP.NETWORK has introduced a cross-chain bridge for TON, enabling seamless NFT transfers between TON and over 20 other blockchains. More Details.
  • EthSign is collaborating with TON Foundation to bring secure, multi-chain and decentralized digital contract signing into the thriving Web3 ecosystem based on TON within Telegram. More Details.
  • TON Foundation officially endorsed TonTech and the teams will now work together to create tools for developers. More Detail.
  • TON Foundation has teamed up with Chainbase and Tencent Cloud to simplify Web3 development for mini-app builders on TON. More Details.

In conclusion, September marked a month of remarkable growth and collaborative efforts for the TON Ecosystem. The key developments, such as the integration with Telegram Messenger and the launch of various marketplaces and platforms, set a solid foundation for TON’s continual expansion and innovation. The momentum gained this month is anticipated to propel the TON Ecosystem to new heights, making it a noteworthy player in the blockchain and crypto space.

Some of the content in this article is excerpted from the official Telegram channel of TON Community. We have made additions, deletions, and reorganization. You can click on “More details” to view the source information.