TON Ecosystem in November - A Turning Point with Pivotal Events and initiatives

November marked a pivotal moment for the TON ecosystem, highlighted by its first in-person conference in Dubai, the Gateway, which received strong praise and attention from the industry. Accompanying this event was the practical support and action from the Dubai government’s DFSA, which laid a crucial foundation for the narrative of Massive Adoption, aiming to bring a large influx of web2 users into the TON ecosystem. Benefiting from these developments, a vast array of project developers, investment institutions, and individual investors have shifted their focus to the TON ecosystem over the past month. Projects within the TON ecosystem are also accelerating their development, riding on this wave of heightened interest and support.

Key figures

  • Total Address on TON: 3,643,157 →3,842,227 (+5.46%)
  • $TON Price: $2.21 USDT → $2.44 USDT

Telegram X TON News:

  • On November 2, 2023, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) added Toncoin (TON) to its list of recognized tokens. More Details.

  • The Gateway, had successfully concluded with a wealth of valuable insights and significant announcements. Review the livestreams here.

  • During the Gateway conference, several exchanges and outstanding projects of the TON ecosystem became sponsors. Specifically,

    • served as the Diamond sponsor;

    • Bybit, Kucoin, and MEXC Ventures (Matcha) were the Golden sponsors;

    • TonUP and Alibaba Cloud joined as Silver sponsors;

  • These above entities not only provided financial support but also delivered high-quality insights into the TON ecosystem through roundtable discussions and speeches, offering in-depth perspectives to attendees. For more details, please refer to the <TON Gateway Panel Recap: TON & the Wider World>

  • TON Society hosted a side event titled “TON x Telegram: The power of mass adoption” as part of Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul. More Details .

  • Future3 Campus, powered by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Capital, partnered with TON Foundation to launch The TON Bootcamp, a 5-month incubation program aiming to boost mini-app development within Telegram’s TON-based Web3 ecosystem. More Details .

Ecosystem News:

  • TONcoin.Fund invested in Fanton, a TON-integrated fantasy football game on Telegram with 400,000+ users. More Details .

  • xRocket launched the first-ever Telegram Mini App (TMA) exchange, allowing Telegram’s vast user base to trade TON and jettons seamlessly within the messenger. More Details .

  • bemo and Megaton Finance launched the first farming strategy in TON DeFi. Users depositing TON into bemo’s pool receive stTON tokens, allowing them to provide liquidity on Megaton DEX and earn rewards. More Details .

  • Wallet partnered with to introduce a new swap feature, bringing DeFi closer to Telegram’s 800 million users. Wallet users can now seamlessly swap Toncoin and other jettons directly within TON Space. More Details .

  • Megaton Finance launched its $MEGA Staking Program, featuring an eight-level tier system, offering various benefits and rewards to participants. More Details .

  • The Open League, a community proposal aimed at distributing TON-backed user incentives to acquire five million users in the next twelve months, recently concluded its voting phase on TON.Vote with 99.5617% in favor of the proposal. More Details .

  • Hipo went live on Mainnet, achieving a $1.5 million TVL in just a few days. To celebrate, Hipo unveiled the “99 Hipo Hard Rock” NFT collection, offering unique NFTs to 99 lucky users. More Details .

  • Bybit kicked off the second phase of the TON Odyssey event, offering participants the chance to share a prize pool of up to $56,000 worth of Toncoin. Terms and Conditions apply. More Details.

  • TON Diamonds, a curated NFT marketplace on the TON Blockchain, recently gained attention with the OCTOPUS BOYZ NFT collection featured in a music video by rap artist Allj. More Details.


The Gateway conference marked a pivotal moment for TON, with its narrative receiving positive feedback from the market. This has encouraged the majority of projects within the ecosystem to undertake a series of proactive initiatives. We look forward to welcoming more high-quality assets to join and contribute to the TON ecosystem’s collective growth and development.

About TonUP:

TonUp is the premier launchpad for TON, focused on discovering and nurturing promising projects while presenting new opportunities to the entire community.

TonUP is also the sole launchpad supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund, Foresight X, AC Capital and Waterdrip. Positioned at the heart of TON’s ecosystem, TonUP holds significant influence in the Greater China region. Collaborating with TON, TonUP continues to expand its reach across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey.

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