TPX- participation - issue on website

I did participate twice - we have 4 hours to go… I am delegating 40TON., and after paying fee., site resets and tells me that I can participate., there is no confirmation or point to show that my transaction was sucsessful., I will not participate for the third time as TON fees are proceeding. My participation shows ZERO - ‘0’ – very upset and encouraged to drop hefty amount of tonup…

If your address is not in the whitelist, your purchase will be processed, the TON you sent to smart contract will be refunded with deduction of gas fee.

Do come back at 12pm (UTC) / 8pm (UTC+8) for the public round, thanks for the feedback.

I just realised., Tonup io., my wallet had a red cross next to the address. I have few wallets and this one was not proceeding transaction as we need to accept terms and conditions. TonUP team - Can you please make it easier to understand ? like a pup-up window whenever someone logs in to the site ? I did this in the past but possibly with other wallets., it annoyed me now.

Hi, we believe you should sign the ToS by click cross button : )