Step by step to crash TonUP IDO: A beginner's guide

:boom:Tic-toc, tic-toc.
:alarm_clock:Times is UP! TonUP’s IDO will be lanuched to the moon in next 24 hours.

I made this guide for onboarding as many people as possible onto TonUP Express :bullettrain_side:.

Step 0: Load your Wallet with TON Coin

There are various ways to load TON Coin to your non-custody wallet.
if you’re the newbie to TON ecos, the compenhesive guide on TonUP’s Notion named “How-to-Buy-TON-and-Transfer-to-a-Non-Custodial-Wallet” is a good start to read.

Step 1: Enter the Launchpad Page

Clicking ”VIEW” to enter IDO page.

Step 2: Connect Wallet — Use “Tonkeeper” as example

Install Tonkeeper extension from Chrome store.

Connect Wallet — Use “TON Space” as example

Select Wallet on Telegram (On Desktop)

Select Wallet on Telegram (On Mobile)

Step 3 : Sign & Confirm the Services& Terms

Click on the red person in the upper right

Check the box and agree to confirm

Green means your address is all set.

How to Check if I’m on the Whitelist

If it shows ‘Not in Whitelist,’ it means you are not on the whitelist. If it shows ‘Waiting for IDO,’ then you are on the whitelist, and you’re all set, just wait for IDO begin.

Step 4: IDO Ignition! :rocket:

That’s the last part of our IDO journey, “open fire” with you TON at all cost.