Tap Fantasy IDO on TonUP Guidelines

Tap Fantasy IDO Guidelines

How to participant in Tap Fantasy’s IDO? Here is a detailed guidence for the fresher.

Step 1: Enter the LaunchPad Page: TONUP

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Our website supports multiple TON network wallets, but we highly recommend using Tonkeeper. You can click here to download Tonkeeper.

(We Strongly Recommend to set-up TonKeeper Google Extension in head of launch.)

Step 3 : Sign & Confirm the Services& Terms

Many community members have been asking why they need to initiate a transaction when signing the Terms. This is because the current TonKeeper wallet does not support offline signature functionality, so we must use on-chain signatures for verification. However, this is a one-time verification process and each wallet only needs to complete it once.

Please be reassured that this contract does not require any authorization; it is simply a straightforward signing contract.

Step 4: Participate in IDOs

Next, it’s very simple. Enter the amount of TON you want to participate with and click "Participate”.

Step 5: Claim

After completing these steps, you will see the indication for claiming. Once it’s time to claim, simply click the button to receive your $MC tokens.