Questions You Probably Want To Know About Tap Fantasy IDO

We know that everyone has a lot of questions about the Tap Fantasy IDO, so we have specially compiled this article “10 Questions You Probably Want To Know About Tap Fantasy IDO”!

1/ Regarding the time, information, and price of the IDO:

The $MC Token IDO will take place on August 30th at 1:00 PM UTC, lasting for 48 hours and concluding on September 1st. The IDO price will be 1 $TON = 5 $MC. There is no limit for single users.

2/ Regarding the claiming, trading, and liquidity of $MC Token:

All $MC Tokens will be available for claiming two weeks after the end of the fundraising, specifically on September 14th, 2023 at 1:00 PM UTC. The funds raised during the IDO, as well as a portion of the tokens for liquidity, will be injected into MegaTon, allowing users to trade immediately.

3/ Regarding the token allocation and economic model of Tap Fantasy:

Firstly, the $MC Token on TON is different from the one on BSC, and they are not connected in any way. The $MC tokens being sold in this sale are utility tokens for the game, primarily used for in-game consumption.

Currently, there is no portion of $MC tokens allocated to the team or investors. There are only 800K tokens allocated for initial liquidity, with 400K allocated for the IDO and another 400K allocated for forming liquidity LP. All remaining tokens will be generated through in-game mining activities.

4/ What is Tap Fantasy and when can I play this game?

The preview version of Tap Fantasy is currently available online. For more information about Tap Fantasy, you can refer to our blog post. Introducing the first token launch on TonUP: $MC token for TapFantasy - TonUP

5/ Is there a whitelist for this sale?

The sale for this event is based on a first-come, first-served basis. All users will have the same price without any whitelist or special terms.

6/ Why do I need gas fee while signing the ToS?

This is because the current TonKeeper wallet does not support offline signature functionality, so we need to use on-chain signatures for verification. But please don’t worry, this is a one-time verification process and each wallet only needs to do it once.

Please rest assured that this contract does not involve any authorization, it is simply a straightforward signing contract.