Tap Fantasy IDO Update: TonUP will release LPs to Tap Fantasy (LUP: 2023/11/30)

Dear Community,

We’ve just embarked upon a thrilling journey together on August 30th with the successful token launch for Tap Fantasy. The launch was a remarkable feat, complete with fervent participation that lasted for precisely 32 minutes, during which we raised a total of 80,000 TON. At the TON price at that time, which was 1.757, we amassed a substantial total of $140,558 - a testament to your unwavering support.

Now, with this milestone behind us, we’re excited to shift our focus to the future—what comes next?

Here are some key developments we believe you’ll find interesting:

  1. Community Protection Plan (CPP): Tap Fantasy, a proud CPP participant, has pledged to reinject 100% of the funds raised back into Liquidity Providers (LPs). These funds are to be managed via a multi-signature wallet, under the careful joint control by TonUP and Tap Fantasy. We believe in transparency and will publish all transaction records publicly.

  2. DEX Listing and Liquidity: The Tap Fantasy team is actively engaged in managing the selection of the DEX listing and looking into liquidity matters. They will announce the chosen DEX soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

  3. Claiming Your Tokens: For token holders excited to claim their tokens, you’ll be able to do so starting from 14/09/2023, 1:00:00 PM (UTC Time). Claim your tokens directly on our website from the same participation page. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the date.

  4. Further Inquiries: For deeper insights, especially about gaming details, we encourage you to connect directly with the Tap Fantasy team.

Your presence and support have played a crucial role in this victorious token launch. We thank you for being part of this journey and look forward to sharing further exciting developments. Stand by — we’re just getting started!

For more information about Tap Fantasy, we will update it in this thread. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to this thread and share it in community.

TonUP has transferred the raised funds to a multi-signature wallet.
Transaction record: zz2S__VtvXWZVxVRqEcal4Q5K8WDDAkme6RVfSdAD9c=

Note: Due to the minimum participation limit of the contract, 1.5 $MC has been returned to our account. After discussion, it has been decided to keep it in our account as a commemoration.

Starting September 14th at 13:00 UTC, the $MC Token is ready to be claimed by enthusiasts worldwide.

1/Where to Claim: All IDO participants can lay claim to their MC tokens swiftly and seamlessly on our official website.

2/ Post-Claim Actions: Two pathways👇

(1) Engage in NFT minting through depositing your $MC tokens in the Telegram @TapFantasyGameBot; more details on this step.


(2)Become the LP for the MC/TON liquidity pool on @ston_fi or @Megaton_Fi

3/ Where to Trade: Gear up to trade and provision liquidity with the $MC token, coming soon to the @ston_fi & @Megaton_Fi !

:heartpulse: ALSO: Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Airdrop events to celebrate the successful launch of TonUP’s first IDO!

4/ FYI, the Smart Contract Address:

We’re aware that the current token price for $MC is not as expected. We’d like to clarify a few points:

1/ The game has not yet been launched. NFT minting will open in Sept 15th.
2/ Token burns, staking, and LP incentives are still to be implemented.
3/ The current DEX liquidity depth is shallow, leading to higher slippage.

We’re excited to be part of the new TON ecosystem and have the support of the TON Foundation. The Tap Fantasy team is equally exceptional and has also received backing from TONCoin Fund. We have supervised the Tap Fantasy team to inject all the funds raised into liquidity.

We deeply understand the community’s anxious sentiments regarding the current price falling below expectations.

Therefore, we’ve decided to use our income from this IDO for a full repurchase of $MC within the next week.

Thank you for all your continued support. Stay tuned for more updates.

We, as the launchpad platform of Tap Fantasy. In an effort to mitigate community losses and restore trust, we have conducted a full token repurchase with our commission from this IDO.

Repurchase Records: Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

作为 Tap Fantasy 的发行平台,为了减轻社区的损失并恢复信任,我们使用此次 IDO 收取的佣金进行了全部代币回购

回购记录:Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

私たちは、Tap Fantasyのローンチパッドプラットフォームとして、コミュニティの損失を軽減し、信頼を回復するために、このIDOからのコミッションを使って全トークンを買い戻しました。

買い戻し記録: Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

Мы, как платформа-локатор для Tap Fantasy. В попытке смягчить убытки сообщества и восстановить доверие, мы провели полный выкуп токенов с помощью наших комиссий с этого IDO.

Записи о выкупе: Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

Following up on the conversation, we have decided to burn all the tokens during the buyback process. Please take a moment to review the transaction records by clicking on this link: Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

It is worth mentioning that the Tap Fantasy team has also committed to the buyback and burn initiative. As the ecosystem is still in its early stages, it is essential for us to focus on building rather than FUD.

我們決定在回購過程中銷毀所有代幣。請花點時間點擊此連結檢視交易紀錄:Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

值得一提的是,Tap Fantasy 團隊也致力於回購和銷毀計劃。由於生態系統仍處於初期階段,我們需要專注於建設而非散播恐懼(FUD)。

Мы, как платформа-локатор для Tap Fantasy. В попытке смягчить убытки сообщества и восстановить доверие, мы провели полный выкуп токенов с помощью наших комиссий с этого IDO.

Записи о выкупе: Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

その後の話し合いの結果、私たちは買い戻しプロセス中のすべてのトークンを焼却することに決定しました。以下のリンクをクリックしてトランザクションの記録をご確認ください: Explore the TON Blockchain on a User-Friendly Platform · TONScan

また、Tap Fantasyチームも買い戻しと焼却の取り組みに参加することを約束しました。エコシステムがまだ初期段階にあるため、私たちはFUDよりも構築に集中することが重要です。

According to the announcement channel of Tap Fantasy:

:spiral_calendar: Nov.21, Tap Fantasy goes live on TON, and we’re bringing a whopping :moneybag:12,000 $TON and 101,000 $MC for players! :star2:

More info: Telegram: Contact @tapfantasy_announcement

With the launch of Tap Fantasy, the price of $MC has returned to normal.
Check the data in re:doubt here.

TonUP is unwavering in embracing transparency and fostering trust within our community. In line with this commitment, we are hereby announcing the imminent transfer of the multi-signature keys of the LP to the Tap Fantasy team. This marks the formal end of our collaboration with Tap Fantasy and we wish to acquaint our community thoroughly with the procedure and its repercussions.

A Triumph! IDO Concludes in 32 Minutes

The IDO for Tap Fantasy was a triumph success, managing to draw in 80K $TON within just 32 minutes, equivalent to $140,558 at that time. This has created a very good case for the TON ecosystem and TonUP. Please refer to the complete blog here.

Guardianship and Stewardship of LPs

In accordance with the Community Protection Policy (CPP), our team has assiduously managed the funds raised, and those injected into the LPs under a multi-sign wallet, together with Tap Fantasy’s team.

Implications of the Tap Fantasy Game Launch Delay

The unexpected delay in launching the Tap Fantasy game was beyond our control. We empathize with any worries this may have prompted within our community. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic that the eventual game launch will instill stability, growth and positively influence the market.

Token Buyback and Market Stability Strategy

The game’s delay caused significant token price fluctuations. To combat this, we have opted to buyback tokens using the commission accrued from the IDO. At the request of Tap Fantasy’s team, we burned the token. This action aims to stabilize the market and safeguard our community interests.

Scheduled Transfer of LP Keys

Nevertheless, it’s gratifying to note that $MC token has successfully weathered this storm and reached an ATH price of 0.32 $TON, marking a 1.6x growth from the IDO price. We are pleased to divulge that our custodianship of the LPs concludes soon and we aim to transfer the LP keys to Tap Fantasy, after retaining them for an 7 days. We trust this transfer will enable Tap Fantasy take proactive, effective measures in managing the LPs.

Future Market Conditions Post-Transfer

We wish to caution our community that following the key transfer, the token liquidity and market conditions may potentially fluctuate. Despite our measures to alleviate risks, we urge our community members to stay informed and exercise caution in their trading activities.

Lessons Learned and Policy Reinforcement

This venture has significantly contributed to the refinement of our policies and strategies. We treasure the insightful lessons learned that will steer our future partnerships. Accordingly, we will fortify our CPP to more effectively manage similar situations in the future, with the well-being of our community always at the forefront.

Our commitment to clear communication and continual support for our community remains unaltered. We welcome any inquiries or concerns our members may have concerning this transfer. You can find all the details about the Tap Fantasy IDO through this post on the TON Community.

As we conclude our partnership with Tap Fantasy, we reassert our resolve to persist in our efforts for effective communication and unceasing support for TON’s community.

We appreciate your enduring support and comprehension.


TonUP Team

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