Tap Fantasy to Conduct IDO on TonUP

We are thrilled to announce that Tap Fantasy is set to embark on its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) through the TonUP platform on August 30rd 13:00PM UTC! As a groundbreaking blockchain game, Tap Fantasy is poised to provide players with unparalleled gaming experiences and groundbreaking opportunities.

The Telegram bot version of Tap Fantasy is set to be launched to users in September this year, with the endorsement of official support from the TON Foundation. With Telegram boasting over 500 million monthly active users, the Tap Fantasy Telegram bot seamlessly integrates with @wallet and Tonkeeper wallets, providing users with a highly convenient way to directly purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currency. This also facilitates easier and more accessible wallet creation, reducing entry barriers.

Building upon Tap Fantasy’s impressive track record and empowered by the synergy between the TON blockchain and Telegram’s user base, we anticipate attracting a larger player base to our captivating gaming world. We have great confidence in achieving significant milestones on the TON platform.

About $MC

$MC is the in-game token of Tap Fantasy.

$MC has numerous applications and consumption scenarios on the TON platform: all NFTs are minted using $MC, upgrading NFTs requires spending $MC, in-game items are priced in $MC, crafting tools and upgrading runes within the game require $MC, and $MC stakers can receive referral rewards. In comparison to the $MC economic model on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the consumption of $MC on the TON blockchain is over five times higher.

The formula for $MC token generation is as follows:

Daily Supply = Total Outflow * 80% / Vesting Days * Yield Rate

On a daily basis, the number of $MC tokens produced within the game is determined by taking 80% of the cumulative $MC consumption, dividing this value by the number of Vesting Days, and then multiplying the result by the Yield Rate. Additionally, this calculation incorporates a 10% token burn and an extra 10% that is reclaimed by the team. This strategic approach aims to lower the overall token output compared to token consumption, ultimately stimulating an upward trajectory in the price of the $MC token.

The total issuance of $MC on the TON network is 10 million, with an initial release of 400,000k. The team and investors do not possess $MC on the TON network. The $MC on the BSC network cannot be cross-chain transferred to the TON network, and the same applies to $MC on the TON network.

Choosing TonUP as the Ideal Partner:

Given Tap Fantasy’s strategic plan to deploy on the Ton blockchain, TonUP emerged as the natural choice for our IDO collaboration. TonUP, the brand new launchpad dedicated to propelling blockchain projects, boasts the endorsement of the esteemed Ton Foundation, underscoring its commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable growth.

As the inaugural project on TonUP, Tap Fantasy is poised to receive extensive support from a team of seasoned professionals along with access to invaluable resources, all aimed at guaranteeing a triumphant IDO. This partnership promises heightened visibility for Tap Fantasy, attracting a broader spectrum of blockchain game enthusiasts and investors.

Through the TonUP IDO, Tap Fantasy will effectively establish connections with potential users on Ton, facilitating community engagement and feedback. This iterative approach will be pivotal in refining the gaming experience and propelling Tap Fantasy toward heightened popularity and sustained success.

IDO Specifics:

  • Token Name: $MC
  • IDO Supply: 400,000 $MC
  • IDO Method: First Come, First Serve (FCFS)
  • Fundraising Amount: 80,000 $TON
  • Token Price: 1 $MC = 0.2 $TON
  • IDO Date: August 30th, 21:00PM UTC+8
  • Token Distribution Date: 2 weeks after the IDO
  • Vesting Terms: 100% Unlocked at Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Community Participation Pool (CPP): TonUP and Tap Fantasy will jointly oversee the funds raised, and the raised funds will be entirely used for LP (liquidity providers). Any tokens that are not raised will be destroyed under the supervision of TonUP.
  • IDO Link: TONUP

Participate in the Tap Fantasy IDO:

If Tap Fantasy has piqued your interest and you’re eager to partake in its IDO, we invite you to stay tuned to the updates shared on TonUP and Tap Fantasy’s social media platforms and visit the official TonUP website for comprehensive details on 23rd August. Throughout the IDO event, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to secure Tap Fantasy tokens, positioning yourself as an early advocate for this groundbreaking and inventive game.

We eagerly anticipate your participation as we usher in a new era of blockchain gaming with Tap Fantasy.

Source: Tap Fantasy to Conduct IDO on TonUP | by Tap Fantasy | tapfantasy | Medium