All you need to know about $TPX IDO (May 29)

:rotating_light: $TPX IDO is Coming Soon! :rotating_light:

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming IDO of $TPX, the remarkable AI project on the TON on May 29th, on
:date: Mark your calendars and be prepared!

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Date & Time :

  • Date:May 29th
  • Whitelist Round: May 29th 00:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC (First Come, First Served)
  • Public Round: May 29th 12 UTC - May 31 12:00 UTC (First Come, First Served)
  • Token Distribution Time: May 31 13:00 UTC

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IDO Details

  • IDO Tagart: 10,000 TON
  • IDO Max Amount: 15,000 TON (Whitelist Round) & 50,000 TON(Public Round)
  • IDO Price: 1 $TPX = 0.0786 $TON (~0.5U)
  • Vesting Details:
    • Whitelist Round & Public Round: 100% fully unlocked at Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Participate Limitation:
    • Whitelist Round: May. 29th, from 10 TON up to 300 TON per whitelist
    • Public Round: May. 29th, from 10 TON up to 200 TON per address


How to Load your Wallet with TON Coin

There are various ways to load TON Coin to your non-custody wallet.
if you’re the newbie to TON ecos, the compenhesive guide on TonUP’s Notion named “How-to-Buy-TON-and-Transfer-to-a-Non-Custodial-Wallet” is a good start to read.

How to finish whole IDO interaction

Step by step to crash TonUP IDO: A beginner's guide

More Questions?

Join Telegram: Contact @TypoXAI_IDO


When can I get the IDO TPX token?

As there is no lock-up period. You will receive the full amount of TPX allocated to you right after the IDO.

How many circulating supply at the moment of initial launch and after?

Since this is the initial launch, no other portion of the token has been unlocked prior to this IDO. The detailed lock-up terms and vesting schedule are fully outlined in the tokenomics section, and they will be executed accordingly.

What is the IDO target?

The initial IDO is target to 10,000 TON value equivalent TPX and 65,000 TON hard cap. With target launch price of $0.5 USD (0.0786 $TON).

Is there any VCs backed TypoX AI?

TypoX AI is fully incubated by KNN3 Network, benefiting from the support of many of KNN3 Network’s investors. However, as TypoX AI was funded and developed from the ground up by KNN3 for almost a year, it skipped the seed round fundraising, (meaning there are no independent TypoX AI seed investors), this provides TypoX AI with the flexibility to distribute TPX with the community initial launch without the pressure of prior rounds.

Additionally, there is an ongoing private sales round that recently commenced. This round primarily aims to provide TPX with extra liquidity operation space, facilitate top exchange listings, and elevate brand awareness to propel the retailing AI ecosystem to the next level.

When will $TPX be listed, and is there any liquidity plan?

$TPX will be listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX) within less than a week after the initial distribution event (IDO). The majority of the funds raised during the IDO will be allocated for liquidity provision and market value management purposes, allowing ample space for market price discovery.