TypoX AI Move to TON

We are thrilled to express our interest in the “Move to TON” grants program. It is with great excitement that we present TypoX AI for the TON Eco.

TypoX AI is an advanced AI search portal tailored for the Web3 ecosystem, designed to effortlessly connect billions of users to Web3 products, assets, technologies, and companies. Featuring intuitive design and user-friendly navigation, TypoX enables comprehensive exploration of Web3 with just a typo, offering accurate and timely information supported by a rich dataset and graph-reinforced search. The platform integrates various D-Agents for enhanced access to Web3 protocols, such as MetaSearch and on-chain data lookup.

With over 350,000 users in more than 25 languages, TypoX AI supports robust engagement across both web and mobile applications, effectively bridging Web3 businesses to a global audience with its decentralized AI services.

Why should TypoX AI on TON?

We believe in thinking globally and designing locally. From the inception of our product design, our vision has been to utilize AI technology to better assist more people in using Web3 protocols. This aligns seamlessly with the TON ecosystem, leveraging the Telegram social network to enable more users to conveniently access blockchain technology, alongside cutting-edge AI advancements. Therefore, we have launched the Telegram bot version of TypoX AI. Users simply need to take out their phones and send messages on Telegram to inquire with TypoX AI.

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