Microcosm Labs: Move to TON Grants Announcement for Bot3

Bot3.AI stands at the forefront of the Web3 social revolution, redefining interpersonal interactions through its immersive AI-powered roleplay conversations. Offering an expansive array of over 65,000 diverse scenarios and roleplay agents, Bot3.AI caters to a wide spectrum of emotional needs while empowering users to create their own captivating chatbots. With its multilingual capabilities, the platform facilitates seamless global interactions, transcending language barriers. Users can now fully immerse themselves in chat-to-earn modes, earning token rewards by engaging in enriching dialogue and staking top-tier AI roles within these captivating roleplay environments.

Since its inception in September 2023, Bot3.AI has experienced remarkable growth, boasting 65,684 AI agents and a monthly active user base exceeding 1.08 million from over 200 countries and regions. The platform’s recent inclusion in the prestigious Telegram Apps Centre underscores its commitment to providing users with accessible and enriching roleplay experiences, setting the stage for its seamless integration within the TON ecosystem.

Recognizing the transformative potential of Bot3.AI and its alignment with the TON blockchain’s core ethos of user-centric innovation, Microcosm Labs has committed the strategic “Move to TON” grants to facilitate the platform’s migration. We are thrilled to partner with the exceptional Bot3.AI team and provide the necessary resources to accelerate their adoption and integration within the TON ecosystem. Bot3.AI’s innovative approach to chat-to-earn interactions, coupled with the power, scalability, and interoperability of TON’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, holds the potential to redefine the industry and drive mass adoption of this transformative ecosystem.

Bot3.AI’s dynamic deep learning capabilities, powered by the ANSWER42 large language model, enable unparalleled customization and enhanced user engagement, setting the platform apart as a pioneering force in the Web3 social landscape. The team’s ambitious roadmap includes plans to further expand its offerings, streamline global accessibility, and cement its position as a leading chat-to-earn destination on the TON blockchain.

Microcosm Labs’ strategic investment and mentorship will be instrumental in guiding the Bot3.AI team through the complexities of the TON blockchain, ensuring a seamless integration and the successful execution of the platform’s bold vision. This partnership and the ‘Move to TON’ grants program will undoubtedly accelerate Bot3.AI’s growth and solidify its position as a trailblazer within the TON ecosystem.

:face_with_monocle: Learn more about the application details: https://community.tonup.io/t/bot3-ai-chat-to-earn-ai-agent-roleplay-social-club-on-ton-move-to-ton-grants-application

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