Microcosm Labs: Move to TON Grants Announcement for Bot Gameyard

Microcosm Labs is pleased to formally announce our enthusiastic support and grant allocation to Bot Gameyard, an esteemed gaming platform dedicated to advancing the development of the Telegram gaming ecosystem and fostering an inclusive Web3 player community. We are honored to be a part of their journey as they strive to integrate traditional Web2 games with on-chain assets, introducing captivating Web3 gaming experiences to a wider audience.

Bot Gameyard has already forged strategic partnerships with multiple Web2 game developers, showcasing their commitment to bringing high-quality gaming products to the Telegram ecosystem. Their meticulously planned roadmap outlines key milestones and objectives for the upcoming quarters, highlighting their ambition and unwavering dedication to their vision.

This grant will be disbursed in three distinct phases, each tied to specific milestones that will drive their progress and success. During the bootstrapping phase, Bot Gameyard will proudly launch its inaugural gaming product, Almost A Hero, while simultaneously finalizing the seamless integration with Ton Connect payment channels. The migration phase will witness the introduction of two additional captivating gaming products, the attainment of an impressive benchmark of 50,000 daily active users, and the implementation of TON and TG Bot virality features. Lastly, the pre-TGE phase will mark a significant milestone as Bot Gameyard completes the development of TON chain games, conducts an IDO on TonUp, and launches LP pools on Pixel Swap.

We are genuinely thrilled by the remarkable progress and potential demonstrated by Bot Gameyard as they continue to innovate and enrich the Telegram gaming ecosystem. Expect further updates as we embark on this exciting collaboration, working hand in hand to shape the future of gaming on the Telegram platform.

:link: Learn more about the application details: https://community.tonup.io/t/bot-gameyard-applies-for-the-move-to-ton-grant

About Bot Gameyard:
Bot Gameyard is a distinguished gaming platform dedicated to advancing the development of the Telegram gaming ecosystem and fostering an inclusive Web3 player community. With strategic partnerships in place with multiple Web2 game developers, Bot Gameyard is committed to delivering high-quality gaming products that bridge the gap between traditional gaming and the exciting world of Web3. Their comprehensive roadmap outlines ambitious goals and milestones, showcasing their dedication to innovation and growth within the gaming industry.

Official Links:
TG:Telegram: Contact @BotGameyard

About Microcosm Labs:
Microcosm Labs is a leading provider of support and funding for projects within the TON ecosystem. Through initiatives such as the “Move to TON” grants program, Microcosm Labs aims to foster the growth and development of the TON ecosystem.

For more information, please visit: https://twitter.com/MicrocosmLabs