Dear All TON Community - The Long Wait Always Counts

Since its establishment in June of the previous year, Microcosm Labs has embarked on the journey to establish itself within the TON ecosystem, and we are truly privileged to stand as one of the pioneering contributors in Asia. Through the kind assistance of the TON Foundation and the TONCoin Fund, we unveiled the inaugural authentic Launchpad on TON, known as TonUP, in August, and magnificently conducted a triumphant IDO for Tap Fantasy.

We vividly recollect the challenges we encountered while presenting our vision to the investors who questioned our choice to build within the TON ecosystem. We persistently shared the narratives of our 800 million monthly active users and the valuable insights gleaned from our experiences with WeChat, demonstrating our adeptness at harnessing the potential of social networks. Despite encountering skepticism from some investors, we wholeheartedly appreciate the steadfast support extended to us during the most formidable periods of the past year, including the contributions from TONCoin Fund, Foresight Venture, Antalpha, Waterdrip, New Tribe Capital, and NxGen.

Today, the blueprint that we earnestly clung to and ardently believed in during those crucial times has progressively materialized:

  • Telegram and TON have merged seamlessly, leveraging Telegram Bots and Mini Apps to effectively transition a significant portion of Web 2 users into the Web 3 ecosystem.

  • The introduction of Tether (USDt) on TON is set to supplant Tron as the leading public chain for stablecoin transfers.

This may represent a small stride for Telegram, but it signifies the inaugural leap for Web 3, warranting the resplendent gateway for myriad Web 2 users to access the vast realm of Web 3. This spirited march stands as a testimonial to our evolution from the inception of Bitcoin to the present day. As shapers of the ecosystem, we are acutely cognizant of the arduous challenges intrinsic to this endeavor.

We cherish the fact that TonUP and Microcosm Labs resolutely made the right decision at that pivotal juncture and fervently adhered to it. It is indeed an immense honor to continue sharing with you the roadmap for TonUP and Microcosm Labs:

  • PixelSwap, a modular DEX co-incubated by Microcosm Labs and TonUP, will be officially launched in the mainnet beta by the end of this month.

  • TonUP will inaugurate a more efficient and equitable token launch process via PixelSwap’s LBP function, ingeniously averting price volatility and the emergence of fraudulent schemes, marking a significant stride towards positioning TonUP as a permissionless launchpad.

  • There already exist over a dozen products in TonUP’s pipeline, spanning diverse arenas such as games, GameFi, DeFi, and AI. We pledge to aid numerous high-caliber projects in their TON deployment this year.

We are also immensely gratified to announce the launch of the “Move to TON” grants, a collaboration between Microcosm Labs and TonUP, dedicated to facilitating the onboarding of numerous projects onto the TON platform.

In conclusion, on behalf of the entire TonUP team, we extend our deepest gratitude to the TON Foundation, our earliest investors, and the community for standing by us. It is a tremendous honor for us to serve as the cornerstone builder within the TON ecosystem. We shall steadfastly expand our involvement in the TON ecosystem and expedite the blooming of the entire milieu.

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