Microcosm Labs: The Move to TON Grants Program

As an early contributor and pioneer of The Open Network, Microcosm Labs has incubated the core Launchpad TonUP and Modular DEX PixelSwap on TON, and will continue to support the development of its Ecosystem. The “Move to TON” Grants Program is our latest initiative in supporting the growth of the TON ecosystem. It’s a funding plan designed for projects that are being built in other ecosystems but have not yet launched their tokens.

How the Grants works?

The “Move to TON” grants program primarily targets projects developed on Web2.0 that have a keen interest in migrating to Web3 or on other public chains but have not yet launched their tokens. Microcosm Labs, along with its portfolio projects, is committed to providing cash and token funding in the range of $5K to $50K for these projects. The allocated funds will be released in stages and based on the achievement of predefined milestones. In general, we divide the grants into three phases: bootstrapping, migration, and pre-TGE, with a release ratio of 20%, 30%, and 50% respectively.

Apart from the Grants, Microcosm Labs and our partners are excited to provide Marketing, Business Development, Exchange Listing, Tokenisation support and help the team to connect with the key players in the ecosystem.

Microcosm Labs, as the core provider of grants, reserves the right to withdraw any grant at any time, including withholding the payment of grant funds and requesting the funded project to withdraw the relevant promotional materials.

How to apply for the Grants?

If your group is interested in “Move to TON” grants, we encourage you to apply through the TonUP Community’s public forum or you can contact grants@msino.io.

However, regardless of how you apply, please indicate the following:

● A brief description of your project

● The roadmap of the project

● The amount of money you wish to receive funding

● Milestones in bootstrapping, migration, and pre-TGE phases

Please note that Microcosm Labs, as a private company, makes independent decisions about grant grants and reserves the right to reject any grant application without giving a clear reason. We refuse to fund any projects in special areas that are suspected of money laundering, gambling, adult pornography, or other laws and regulations.

Our supporters and stakeholders

We are delighted that the following projects and partners are participating in the construction of “Move to TON” program, including:

TonUP - The launchpad at the core of the TON ecosystem

DetectiveTON - A vertical media for the TON ecosystem

PixelSwap - The advance DEX building on TON

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