Microcosm Labs: Move to TON Grants Announcement for DUB

Microcosm Labs is proud to unveil its latest strategic initiative - the “Move to TON” grants program, this time focused on empowering the innovative social gaming project, Socre The Dub.

Score the Dub is the first social project within the Microcosm Labs portfolio, offering a captivating prank-to-earn gaming experience that blends social interaction and gameplay in a unique and engaging way. Players can earn $DUB tokens by executing playful pranks on their friends, while also collecting, upgrading, merging, and trading egg NFTs to boost their token earnings.

Recognizing Dub’s immense potential to revolutionize the cryptogaming landscape, Microcosm Labs has committed strategic grants to support the project’s seamless migration to the TON blockchain and its continued development. We are thrilled to partner with the exceptional Dub team and provide the necessary resources to accelerate their adoption of the TON ecosystem. Dub’s innovative approach to social gaming, coupled with the power and scalability of TON’s technology, holds the potential to redefine the industry and drive mass adoption of this cutting-edge ecosystem.

Dub’s comprehensive roadmap includes several exciting milestones, such as the upcoming IDO on TonUPx, the launch of the Dub Telegram mini-app, the introduction of the Carnival mini-game, and the highly anticipated PVP mode. Furthermore, the team plans to debut a second game within the Dub ecosystem in Q1 2025.

Microcosm Labs’ investment and mentorship will be instrumental in guiding Dub through the complexities of the TON blockchain, ensuring a seamless integration and the successful execution of the project’s ambitious roadmap. This strategic partnership and the ‘Move to TON’ grants program will undoubtedly accelerate Dub’s growth and solidify the position as a leading social gaming project within the TON ecosystem.

:link: Learn more about the application details: https://community.tonup.io/t/score-the-dub-move-to-ton

About Dub
Dub is a prank-to-earn game where players earn rewards by pulling playful pranks on their friends. It offers a unique blend of social interaction and gaming, allowing users to have fun while earning $DUB tokens, our native cryptocurrency. Players can also collect, upgrade, merge, and trade egg NFTs to boost their token earnings, adding another layer of strategy to the experience. Dub aims to bring joy and laughter to players worldwide while providing opportunities to earn rewards through gameplay.

:link: Telegram Chats: @ScoreTheDub

:link: Telegram Channel: @ScoreTheDubChannel

:bird: Twitter: ScoreTheDub

:video_game: Play: scorethedub.com