Score The Dub Move to TON

We’re enthusiastic about the potential of the “Move to TON” grant program in empowering us to bring Dub to the TON ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities for our project.

About Dub
Dub is the first social project on our platform, a prank-to-earn game where players earn rewards by pulling playful pranks on their friends. It offers a unique blend of social interaction and gaming, allowing users to have fun while earning $DUB tokens, our native cryptocurrency. Players can also collect, upgrade, merge, and trade egg NFTs to boost their token earnings, adding another layer of strategy to the experience. Dub aims to bring joy and laughter to players worldwide while providing opportunities to earn rewards through gameplay.

Project Roadmap

  • May: TonUP Presale
  • June: Dub Telegram Mini-App Release
  • July: Carnival Mini-game Launch
  • Sep: PVP Mode Launch
  • Q1 2025: Second Game Debut

Use of Funds

The requested $50,000 will be allocated towards:

Development: Accelerate Dub’s development and seamless TON migration by expanding our development team.

Marketing & Community Building: Boost brand visibility, attract new players, and foster a vibrant community through focused marketing initiatives and engaging events.

Infrastructure & Technology: Invest in server infrastructure, enhanced security, and technology upgrades to ensure a scalable, secure, and enjoyable experience for our players.

Key milestones in the TON migration include:

Bootstrapping Phase:

  • Tokenomics Design: Establish sustainable token economics for $DUB
  • Launch Strategy: Finalize presale and game launch timelines
  • Community Foundations: Initiate community building and engagement efforts

Migration Phase:

  • App Development & Testing: Build and test the Dub Telegram mini-app
  • Sustained Growth: Continue to expand our playerbase and community

Pre-TGE Phase:

  • Beta Refinements: Conduct final beta testing and implement feedback
  • Presale Execution: Launch the successful presale of $DUB tokens

We believe that Dub has the potential to revolutionize the cryptogaming landscape offering a unique blend of social interaction, playful competition, and tangible rewards. With your support, we can accelerate the development and growth of our project, bringing our vision to life.

Bon Vivant Labs Team