Bot Gameyard applies for the Move To TON Grant

  1. Introduction to Bot Gameyard

Bot Gameyard is a comprehensive gaming platform dedicated to advancing the development of the Telegram gaming ecosystem and building an open Web3 player community. Additionally, Bot Gameyard will assist traditional Web2 games in asset on-chain integration, bringing more Web3-specific gaming experiences to traditional players.

Currently, Bot Gameyard has established strategic partnerships with multiple Web2 game developers, aiming to bring more high-quality gaming products to the Telegram ecosystem, including card games, tower defense games, and casual games, among others.

  1. Bot Gameyard Roadmap

2024 Q2

  • Official launch of the first gaming product, Almost A Hero
  • Global multi-channel product promotion, including but not limited to: Telegram Apps Center, TG multilingual community promotion, etc.
  • Establishment of the Bot Gameyard community and joint promotion of multiple projects on TON
  • Conversion of Telegram traffic pool and Web2 user migration

2024 Q3

  • Launch of Bot Gameyard DAO
  • Introduction of the TON Hero market promotion plan
  • Integration of in-game virality features
  • Global market promotion

2024 Q4

  • Launch of the Bot Gameyard game matrix, with at least 5 products online
  • Launch of the Bot Gameyard streaming plan, completing the TG traffic pool introduction into the output loop


  • Development of chain games under the platform
  • Launch of rare NFT assets across all platforms
  • Introduction of platform token consumption assets
  1. Amount of funding requested: $50,000 USDT

  2. Grant allocation timeline
    Bootstrapping (20%):

  • Early May 2024, Almost A Hero officially launches
  • Completion of smart contracts, integration with Ton Connect payment channels

Migration (30%):

  • Launch of two additional new gaming products
  • Achievement of 50,000 DAU
  • Implementation of TON and TG Bot virality features

pre-TGE phases (50%)

  • Completion of TON chain game development
  • IDO completion on TonUp
  • Launch of LP pools on Pixel Swap

The game categories and screenshots of actual gameplay testing:

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Prior products’ data and market outlook.