A truly decentralized platform whose vision is to create a better world through the blockchain


A truly decentralized platform whose vision is to create a better world through the blockchain

In case you didn’t know, not everything is Bitcoin and Ethereum… There is a fifth generation Blockchain, technologically more advanced than many of the ones we know today and with an unmatched decentralization capacity that has made it position itself in a very short time among the favorite and most powerful projects on the market. The TON network is one of those projects to which we must pay close attention because it seems to exceed the limits of decentralization as we know them now and that a few weeks ago officially obtained the public record for the highest number of transactions with around 110,000 TPS. All of this, of course, accompanied by great advances in blockchain technology, such as sharding chains, high-speed Proof of Stake, and integration of payments natively to different applications.

With a set of services that can power a completely decentralized system, TON is laying the foundation for the new Internet. Let’s see why in some of its main features:

• TON is an infinitely scalable L1 proof-of-stake (PoS) network that can support any number of transactions it is asked to complete.
• It is a fully community-driven network of enthusiasts, designers, developers, validators, content creators, and many other professionals.
• The architecture and technology with which TON was created makes it superior to other POS networks such as solana and Ethereum
• It allows transactions of up to 6 seconds, a record in the market and which was confirmed and certified by Certik in a public test carried out a few weeks ago.
• It has an instant micro-payment service between users called TON payments
• Through TON Services, developers are allowed to create DApps with accessible interfaces.
• Introduces a service called TON Proxy, a decentralized VPN that will allow users to explore the Internet anonymously and securely.
• Introduced TON DNS to the market, through which naming services are assigned to accounts, nodes and other aspects of the network through smart contracts, making the user interface simple and accessible.
TON Storage is a decentralized cloud storage platform that allows users to store their data without it being visible to a central authority. Through all of these services, TON is laying the foundation for a comprehensive decentralized Internet.
• Transparency is absolute in this project, since it is open source and has been certified by leading security firms in the market such as Certik and slowmist.
• It has multiple wallets in which to store the original currency of the project, such as Ton Keeper, Tonhub, among others, and you can even store it in the Telegram wallet with which it maintains a very close relationship.
• has several Launchpads in which projects that add value to the ecosystem have been launched, among which TonUP stands out
• It has a wide variety of platforms that work directly with TON to market and create NFTs such as TON Diamonds and Getgems.io

Project history

We have already seen just some of the main features of TON, but why don’t we remember a little about the History of the project? You’ll see how amazing it was. One of the projects that has brought the greatest hope to the crypto world is TONCOIN designed by the Creators of Telegram, the Durov brothers, which from its beginnings promised to be far above the rest in terms of scalability and interoperability. However, its beginnings were complicated. The idea of the project was to revolutionize and massify crypto payment systems, by integrating a powerful payment system to Telegram. In this way more than 500 million people could use the token, originally called Gram. A private sale of more than 2 billion dollars of a Chinese company predicted resounding success in the public phase, and so it happened. In a short time they raised 1.7 billion with the supposed approval of the SEC. But on October 11, 2019, it intervened asking Telegram to stop the distribution of tokens and in May 2020, after a long court battle, the Durov brothers announced the end of Telegram’s participation in the project. Durov had anticipated this and had developed the project as a free software one, so the community of users who loved the project began to develop it independently.
Thus began the project that would use TON’s free software technology developed to date in which more than 40 independent developers work on the functionalities of its blockchain. With willing developers and a growing community, TON is on its way to becoming one of the Blockchain projects with the most future in the entire global Cryptocurrency panorama.

Roadmap and achievements this year

TON has fulfilled everything that has been proposed so far until 2023 and is going for more. This year has started in style with a series of unique events around the world such as:

  1. A series of hackathons in collaboration with Dora hacks that allows developers to propose and create innovative proposals that boost the ecosystem, which are rewarded with TON tokens

  2. The Open League: A rewards program that offers up to $20 million in Toncoin to teams that launch projects on TON that increase TVL in the ecosystem

  3. The launch of several launchpads like Tonstarter and TONup that is revolutionizing the market and is currently distributing a large amount of coins just for doing some tasks

  4. Creation of the Ton gaming alliance, which aims to revitalize the gaming industry by taking advantage of the audience of 800 million Telegram users and providing support to developers at each stage of the online game creation process.

  5. Kucoin Grant program: an acceleration program in conjunction with Ton foundation, which will promote the development of web3 products and tools to be applied in the telegram super app

TON and Telegram Alliance

We all know the closeness that both projects have always had, which never stops bringing us good news. For TON, it is essential that both the Blockchain and the telegram super app offer real use cases to attract web2 users, providing them with tangible products according to their needs.
over a month ago, a historic event was held for the Ton community, called The Gateway, which was held in Dubai and attended by more than 500 enthusiasts, developers, and investors who want to continue building and innovating in TON with the vision to reach an increasingly wider audience thanks to its alliance and closeness with Telegram.

In the preamble to that event, the Ton Blockchain achieved quite notable progress, such as setting a global TPS record, and surpassing the number of TON accounts and wallets by more than 40 times in relation to the year 2021, which put it in the spotlight of hundreds of investors and made the TON cryptocurrency place in the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization.

With the promise and vision of putting crypto in every pocket, several important announcements were made at that event to take into account:

TON Society, a new social network of the TON ecosystem that will be supported by the incentive infrastructure of The open League that is integrated with Telegram and gives the user a digital identity and reputation throughout the ecosystem through the achievements they achieve in it.
TON Space wallet : Launching the TON space self-custodial wallet on telegram from the main menu is a huge achievement for TON as it can leverage the massive audience of 800 million active telegram users who can easily access a wallet in which most jettons of the TON ecosystem are available
TON lending protocol: a new product presented by the investment manager of the MEXC Exchange that will allow users to Borrow uo to 300k USDT using 1M worth of TON as collateral
TON market makers: the ORBS team announced a new initiative in conjunction with the leading DEX of the ecosystem, STON.fi, which aims to perfect the user experience when buying and selling certain tokens and connect the Telegram audience with others projects created on Ton and attract market makers from EVM blockchains to TON.
TON stablecoin toolkit: a new tool for creating stablecoins in TON was released
Bug Bounty program: an initiative that will offer prizes of up to 100K in toncoin for users who find vulnerabilities that may affect the proper functioning of the network
TON Browser: without a doubt one of the best announcements was the proposal for a new browser based on TON, which is planned to be launched in 2024 and will have interoperability with all the projects created in the ecosystem

These were just some of the most important announcements that were presented at The Gateway, an annual meeting of TON enthusiasts whose main objective in the future will be to continue in alliance with Telegram building the Telegram web3 super app that will help spread crypto adoption in each region of the planet through a user experience that is so easy that even our grandparents can be part of it.

Why TON?

As the crypto market grows, it can be difficult to keep up and choose between all the different projects and companies. Understanding the technical makeup of the many blockchains can be confusing for the average consumer, and since many contain similar features, it is difficult to know which projects to support. TON was built with a broad vision in mind. To create this new paradigm, the network would need to be able to scale to adapt to the system as it develops and the various aspects are released. As the network grows, the TON blockchain creates an infinite number of working chains and shard chains to perform the equations it needs, so it never gets stuck or charges its users unsustainable gas fees. Currently, the user interface when interacting with Web 3 generally requires a certain level of technological knowledge that is difficult for the average consumer. The simplest Web 3 applications tend to be the most centralized, as they have the most accessible interfaces.

In this sense, at TON, we believe that to bring people into a decentralized Internet, the user interface must compete with centralized services. Through the creation of smart contracts, and dapps created in TON, the project is on track to create an ecosystem so broad that it will encompass everything we do on the internet today. The TON ecosystem is all the web3 needs right now to assign naming services to accounts, nodes, and other aspects of the network. This provides simple descriptions of the various aspects of the network, so that anyone can understand why they are browsing and stay oriented while using our services.

Main products built in TON

TON Storage

Cloud storage is a crucial part when we use the Internet. However, today’s cloud services are centralized, and if the main site has a problem, all your data is at risk. Through TON Storage, we are creating a decentralized P2P cloud storage system that backs up your data across our decentralized network using smart contracts. This is much more desirable than centralized solutions, as no central authority has access to all of your data, and network nodes back each other up and ensure it is always stored securely. The idea of TON Storage is that this network is capable of functioning as a kind of large hard drive, where you can store data necessary for the operation of dApps or other blockchain applications or not, that have access to said network. TON Storage would be based on a DHT system (similar to that used in Bitcoin) to share information between nodes and allow access to data in a decentralized manner at all times. This system is like the one we see in networks such as IPFS, Filecoin, Sia, and would be highly integrated with TON and the rest of the functions of this blockchain.


Simple yet powerful, STON.FI echoes TON’s mission by taking decentralization to an unprecedented level. From its user-friendly interface for swaps, farming, and staking, to its promising and revolutionary cross-chain functionality coming soon, this platform is an absolute leader in the TON ecosystem

When I began to be part of the ton ecosystem 2 years ago, there were still no platforms in which I could get a return on my investments. Since March of this year I discovered the first DEX in ton, STONFI, in which I was able to start taking advantage of the TONcoin that I had accumulated in a CEX. Since that moment I have been a regular and loyal user of this platform, in which I have been able to multiply my returns by doing farming, staking, swaps, rewards for participating in different activities, but above all I have seen and been part of the growth and improvement that it has had STONFI ever since. One year after its launch on the market, we continue to innovate and bring web3 adoption to every place on the planet thanks to its ease of use and its powerful technology that makes us feel safe at all times when interacting with it. Next year, the much coveted cross-chain feature will be released, which will facilitate interoperability between different blockchains, with which a greater number of users and liquidity are expected for the platform

TONup Launchpad

This platform whose mission is to help launch innovative projects in the TON ecosystem, is responsible for providing services such as fundraising, token creation, mentoring, listing, and empowering developers from around the world to build in TON. Nowadays there are many promising projects that want to go on the market, but they do not have the necessary tools to do so nor the required capital. TONup eliminates these barriers by offering technical and marketing advice to help promote projects that bring some value proposition to the ecosystem, such is the case of the famous TAp fantasy video game, which was recently launched on TONup and which has had resounding success in the TON ecosystem, and through which millions in rewards are being distributed to users who are part of this launch


It is the quintessential wallet favorite by many users, including me. With its ease of use, low fees, and interoperability with most projects created on TON, this wallet has an absolute lead over the others. It was specially designed to simplify the interaction between projects built in TON. You can download this self-custody wallet and have it ready to receive or send tokens in just a few steps. It is available for both mobile phones and browsers.

Our native token TONcoin: use cases
Captura de pantalla 2023-12-09 16.39.28

Popularly known as TON, toncoin is the native currency, considered the gasoline that gives life to the ecosystem. TONcoin has many use cases as we can see here:

  • Gas payment for payment transactions and interaction with smart contracts.

  • Possibility to perform native cross-chain operations within the network. Remember that TON is the token of the master chain, and each workchain has its own token interoperable with TON, so these operations are enabled natively.

  • To participate in launchpad and earn tokens from the different launched projects.

  • The token is also used to pay for access to network resources. For example, to access the decentralized storage system (TON Storage), or the DNS service (TON DNS) or the services deployed at the TON Services layer. In all these cases, Toncoin would be the currency used to pay for them.

  • It is used for the deployment of new staking nodes for the master chain, or for the work chains and sharding chains.

  • It is also used for decentralized governance of the protocol.

Getgems (NFT Marketplace)

The world of NFTs has its favorite place on the getgems platform. Hundreds of collections available and a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, as well as very friendly commissions when buying, selling, creating or listing your NFTs have made it stand out within the entire TON ecosystem. Recently the platform joined the CNFT revolution, a new way of creating NFTs en masse and consuming a minimum amount, which only the TON network is capable of achieving. To use the platform all you have to do is connect your wallet and that’s it!

The big picture

As we launch this suite of services, along with other innovations our developer community constantly makes on the network, our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for a decentralized Internet. Currently, users must choose between centralized solutions and a variety of protocols that are built on different networks and do not always work together easily. TON’s vision is to provide users with everything they need to use a completely decentralized Internet, all hosted on TON’s fast and reliable network. This allows users to become comfortable with these protocols and use them together without problems.

Technology behind TON

The TON team has thought of every detail to create a comprehensive network and a complete infrastructure capable of decentralizing different services. To achieve all this, TON bases its development on the following technologies: Proof of Stake and Sharding for high scalability: The TON blockchain consists of a three-level network. At the first level we have the master chain, which works thanks to a powerful Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm that gives great speed, scalability and security to the network. This master chain is the main chain of the TON network and is currently operational. That is, every time we make an operation in TON, it is carried out on the master chain. Then, at the second level, we find the work chains, which are secondary chains that connect to the master chain. Each of these secondary chains may have its own set of consensus rules, including different account and transaction address formats, virtual machines running smart contracts and basic Cryptocurrencies, etc. All of this without ceasing to be compatible with the master chain, thus being able to interact with it, and with each other, without problems. Finally, we have the third level, which is the sharding chains. Sharding chains are part of the work chains and their role is to provide a scalability boost to them, dividing the work and parallelizing it. In this way, the scalability of TON would skyrocket to levels much higher than what we would find in chains like Polkadot or Solana currently. All of this is possible thanks to the bottom-up scheme that TON uses for its shard chains, giving rise to what they call Infinite Sharding Paradigm. All this technology is known as TON, being one of the main advances that the project presents to the crypto world, directly rivaling projects such as Ethereum, Polkadot or Cosmos.

Future of TON

Since its inception, the project has had a very close relationship with its community, which has participated in every stage and which continues to support every decision that is made to grow the ecosystem. In 2023, it has had a very large expansion in many countries and very varied applications have been built to facilitate the change and adaptation to the web3 that is being born today. TON managed to place itself in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization and continues to take giant steps to occupy the first places. Thanks to its close alliance with the Telegram team and recent announcements such as the creation of the TON space wallet from the app, it is expected that a massive audience will reach the TON ecosystem and fulfill the long-awaited promise of putting crypto in every pocket.


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