All You Need to Know about TonX Protocol IDO on TonUPx

About TonUP & TonUPx

TON blockchain has proven its success in the crypto space and offers unique advantages. Its integration with Telegram Mini Apps and dynamic sharding make it an ideal platform for gaming development. TonUP will focus on releasing various assets on the TON blockchain and supporting TON’s infrastructure. We aim to fund and assist game developers in the TON ecosystem to create high-quality and innovative games.
To achieve this, we are introducing TonUPx, a section dedicated to early-stage and riskier projects. TonUPx will empower innovative projects on TON to thrive. This strategy and TonUPx are essential parts of TonUP’s long-term development roadmap. We are excited about the future of the TON ecosystem and will continue promoting its possibilities through our efforts. Holders of $UP Token can expect enhanced utility and privileges in our future launchpad.

About TonX IDO

:gem:TonX Protocol’s platform token $TELE will conduct an IDO on TonUPx on March 22nd. Here are the details of the IDO:

  • Token Name: $TELE

  • Participant Methods: FCFS

  • Whitelist Round: 0.0001587 TON, max supply 15,750,000 (March 22nd UTC 12:00 - March 23rd UTC 12:00)

  • Public Round: 0.0001587 TON, max supply 299,250,000 (March 22nd UTC 16:00 - March 24th UTC 16:00)

  • Claim Date: March 27th UTC 16:00

  • Vesting: 100% TGE

:link:More details: TONUP

TonX Protocol the first project launched by TonUPx. The crypto market has inherent risks and uncertainties. Please be aware of these potential risks. TonUP only provides a platform for issuing projects and technical solutions. The content above does not constitute investment advice or opinion. Do your own research (DYOR)!

About TonX

TonX stands as a pioneering decentralized social protocol on the TON platform, offering users an avenue to unlock earnings through their personal social networks. Rooted within the Telegram ecosystem, our vision is to seamlessly unite billions of users while incentivizing both Web2 and Web3 users to ascend as personal social graph influencers, fostering the growth of countless decentralized communities.

Harnessing the power of our intuitive MiniApp and groundbreaking Bot functionalities, influencers can effortlessly deploy personalized community tickers, adorned with bespoke messages or cherished mottos. This empowers followers to not only demonstrate their unwavering support but also forge enduring connections. Furthermore, our platform token, $TELE, serves as a powerful incentive for both influencers and followers, propelling engagement and fostering mutual rewards.

TonX Roadmap

  • Stage 1 Telegram Mini App Alpha, Bot Alpha, TON Foundation Grant
  • Stage 2 Platform token $TELE IDO, Telegram Mini App beta, Deploy & Mint launch, Transfer
  • Stage 3 TonX20 Snapshot, $TELE Airdrop
  • Stage 4 TonX DEX launch

TonX $TELE Tokenomics

Official Links

Telegram Group:

How to finish the TOS requirement?

The ToS (Terms of Services) serves as a critical requirement for participating in our IDO.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward.
Step1: Jump in to TonUP website
Step2: Click “Connect wallet”
Step3: Click the red person icon next to your walllet address to complete TOS. Then you’re all set!

It need some TON to finish the verification, make sure you have at least 1 TON Coin in your wallet, please.

In celebration of our recent milestones, we’re extending our inclusive activities. By signing the ToS, you’ll still receive a generous 0.5 $UP rebate, ensuring everyone’s gas fees are covered.It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

The Token Offered Details have been updated on the IDO Page

:tada: We’re thrilled to announce that the TonX Protocol IDO has successfully concluded, with all $TELE tokens selling out in record time! :fire:

:rocket: The public IDO on TonUPx reached its maximum capacity and sold out within just 2 minutes. This incredible response from our community has exceeded our expectations.

:blue_heart: We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation and deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in the IDO. Your overwhelming support has been truly remarkable, and we couldn’t be more grateful.