AMA - 「Mar - 21 - 2024 22:00 UTC+8」w/ TonX20 - Meet with TonX20

Host: TonUP founder - Leo

Guest Speaker: Alena - TON Foundation; Zizz - TONX20 Community Lead

Time & Date: Mar - 21 - 2024 - 22:00 UTC+8

Place: TonUP Twitter Space

Q&A Recap:

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Hi everyone, it’s a great honor to have you all here. This is Leo representing TonUP. We are excited to invite the guest speakers from TON Foundation and TONX20 Protocol to give us an introduction to their project.
Let’s give the warmest welcome to our speakers - Alena from TON Foundation; Zizz - Community Lead from TONX20.
Hi Alena, before we dive into the discussion, could you make an introduction about yourself and your project?
Alena「Ton Foundation」:
Hi everyone, this is Alena, the ecosystem lead of Ton Foundation. I want to share with you guys the information about an ongoing competition on TON ecosystem name The Open League. The Open League (TOL) is a competition for TON ecosystem projects and users. Projects acquire new and loyal users for TON, while users themselves are rewarded for their activity TOL will operate in six-month seasons. Each season is divided into four months of active participation, during which users earn TON-backed rewards, and a two-month blackout period. Each season of The Open League is designed to acquire users, developing their skills and knowledge of Web3, guiding them through incentives to use TON projects. Each month of the season will include a new level of tasks to be completed for each project involved.

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Great, thank you Alena, now let’s welcome Zizz from TonX20 to make the introduction.
Zizz「TonX Community Lead」:
Hey guys, I’m Zizz, the community lead of TonX. I’m very excited to be a speaker here and thank you Leo for your invitation.

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Thank you Zizz. Actually, TonUPx Launchpad will be launching the platform coin $TELE of TonX Protocol. TonX stands as a pioneering decentralized social protocol on TON platform, offering users a way to earn through their personal social networks. They has also been granted by TON Foundation. We are very pleased to be able to help TonX Protocol launch.
So Zizz, can you tell us more information about TonX, what features does TonX offer?
Zizz「TonX Community Lead」:
With our easy-to-use Telegram MiniApp and Bot, influencers can effortlessly deploy personalized community tickers, together with messages or cherished mottos. Deployer can set up the token minting duration, minting fee, and the minting speed to realize a dynamic minting. Users mint to show their support or faith and forge enduring connections. In this system, all kinds of meme culture or influential circles will be fully released and rewarded.

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Understood, then how can users get rewards in your system?
Zizz「TonX Community Lead」:
Deployers will share a portion of the minting fee, firstly by 10% and later up to 90% which can be set up by themselves. It is an immediate revenue that can be claimed once the tokens are fully minted.
All users who engage with TonX protocol, including minters and deployers, will be rewarded our platform token, $TELE, based on their fees paid to TonX treasury, propelling engagement and fostering mutual rewards. More active users will get more rewards.

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Sounds good! Now I have a question for Alena about The Open League. Alena, can you explain more about the pilot season, like how long it lasts and what is the reward system?
Alena「Ton Foundation」:
Sure. This pilot season will last only 4 months, with 3 months of experiments and 1 month of blackout to prepare for Season 1! About the reward system, there are several types of rewards:
Soulbound Tokens (SBTs): level 1 of the Pilot Season kicks off with Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs). SBTs are non-transferable, so they cannot be sold; they are awarded for completing each task.
Experience Points (XP): experience points will be introduced in Level 2. XP can be exchanged for TON at any time, but the exchange rate is time-dependent, so the longer you hold XP, the more they are worth until the last day of Season 2, where each XP will be worth 1 TON.
XP lottery: XP will be awarded to users in a weekly lottery. Each SBT acts as a ticket.

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Nice, I guess our audience must have a clearer picture of The Open League. Alena do you have any questions about TonX?
Alena「Ton Foundation」:
Yes I have one question for Zizz, how does Ton Foundation support TonX?
Zizz「TonX Community Lead」:
We connected with Ton Foundation earlier this year and they’ve helped us a lot. We’ve got not only technical suggestions but also grants they’ve secured for us. Alena has been very helpful all the way to get us familiarized with TON ecosystem and successfully win the foundation grant. Next, we’re looking to obtain more marketing support from the Foundation after our launch.

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Thank you, Zizz! I believe the audience has a good idea for TonX right now. But I’m sure they still have some questions. You guys are now free to raise your hand and raise your question.
Question 1 from audience:
What is $TELE tokenomics?
Zizz「TonX Community Lead」:
$TELE has a total supply of 2.1 billion, with 20% for IDO sale, 10% for liquidity, 50% for airdrop and community rewards, and 20% for protocol development.
The team and community parts are unlocked by user activities and treasury revenue. Once users interact with TonX protocol, such as deploy or mint, the treasury will receive some revenue, and unlock TELE from community rewards to users based on their contribution to the treasury, and accordingly, the team can get a certain percentage of tokens unlocked.

Question 2 from audience:
What is unique about TonX? And when is the IDO date?
Zizz「TonX Community Lead」:
Our user-friendly Telegram MiniApp and Bot enable users to complete all transactions without leaving Telegram, simply but effectively onboarding of Web2 and Web3 users.
Rooted in the Telegram system, we can accelerate social engagement through a vast network of real users.
Social-value and contribution-based reward mechanism for optimal reward effectiveness.
Community-specific token-gating to enhance personalization and exclusivity.
A dynamic and equitable mechanism to deter bots while maintaining exciting gameplay.
About the IDO, here’s the timeline:

  • Whitelist Round: 0.0001587 TON, max supply 15,750,000 (March 22nd UTC 12:00 - March 23rd UTC 12:00)

  • Public Round: 0.0001587 TON, max supply 299,250,000 (March 22nd UTC 16:00 - March 24th UTC 16:00)

  • Claim Date: March 27th UTC 16:00

  • Vesting: 100% TGE

Leo「TonUP founder」:
Alright guys, due to time limits, the online Q&A has ended. If you have more questions, please join the TonX community. Thank Alena and Zizz again for sharing today. We are very excited to know the project TonX and are looking forward to hearing more news about TonX. Wish the project all success!
Thanks to the audience and participants. Don’t forget to join TonX community and follow twitter to get updated info. Hope to see you in the next Space.

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