[HELP] I transferred Ton to Tonup Service. Please help

This is the person who participated in the last TON launchpad.

After participating in the launchpad
I entered the wrong address in the process of moving TON from Tonkeeper wallet to OKX exchange.

I checked with Tonkeeper’s customer center and it was transferred to Tonup Service.

Can you help me return the deposit?
The money includes my mother’s surgery fee. I ask for your help.

Unfortunately, this is a contract used for signing the Terms of Service and we do not have control over this contract.

Then where could i solve this problem?
Who has the control of the contract

I have the same issue. I think the TONUP service need to restore funds to original wallet.

@kevorn @Jabieom2 Unfortunately, the smart contract doesn’t have any admin setting, therefore no one can control the contract.