Issue with Unstaking

Currently many users face the same problem. :grimacing:
After finished launch and finished staking period, we are unable to take out our up tokens.
Do you plan to introduce micro strategy which will encourage users to keep TonUp tokens in your platform when launch of the new projects is not live ?

Should we think of this issue as a bug ?

Hi, it should be fix now. Would you mind refresh the page and try again?

total up staked : 1,062,778.615 $UP

My share of the pool is growing - it means that some random participants are able to take out TonUp-s. I have refreshed / re-connected wallet. I am not in a rush of taking it out, I would be happier if some sort of recognition option for those who keep it in platform would appear.

I can’t take out the reward and unstake my fund even now, not sure what’s the issue

I have the same problem when making an unstake and I also made a claim but the Tons did not arrive in the wallet! Help me please?

nothing is fixed, still can’t unstake the $UP or claim the remaining TOT

Would you mind DM me your address for dev team check?

I have the same problem, I can’t unstake also.

TXID: Transaction · 0f7d…aef0

I sent 144up to this address UQD79BjJJBlbNexKWRFkZ1YyyaNUMtsKELi3w1QJDWorCyaf4, from my address UQBfYDBLlFIw6JC7KYw9KPI5oTktTvLu-qfFlgJWiqd_TxM8 and at the moment I can’t see them anywhere. No steakin’ or lunchpoole. How do I claim my coins back?

So, why send UP token into UQD79BjJJBlbNexKWRFkZ1YyyaNUMtsKELi3w1QJDWorCyaf4 ? It’s a staking function on TonUP website?