User Guide: How to Transfer TBRC Whitelist NFTs

:rotating_light: Important Note: The TBRC NFT contract can be complex, and transfers may occasionally fail. However, this tutorial aims to guide you through the process of transferring NFTs using Getgems and OpenMask Wallet, helping to mitigate any potential complications.

  1. Visit and Connect Your Wallet:

  2. Choose the wallet connect option and select “OpenMask”.

  3. Go to Your Getgems Profile Page:

  4. Access your profile page to view your NFT assets in your wallet.

  1. You can also find TBRC Whitelist NFT basic info here.

  1. Locate the NFT contract address and copy it.

  1. Open Your OpenMask Wallet and Click on the Import Token:

  1. Select the option to import an NFT.

  1. Paste the copied NFT contract address and initiate the search.

  1. View and Add Your NFT to Your Wallet:

  1. Locate the NFT in your wallet and click on it.

  1. Look for the “Transfer” button and click on it.

  1. Enter the wallet address where you want to send the NFT

Remember to Add some Transaction Amount for the Gas Fee Setting

Don’t worry, the excess Gas Fee will be refunded to you automatically

  1. Review the details of the transaction and confirm it.

  1. Await Transaction Settlement

  1. :tada: Bravo! Your NFT has been sent successfully!

By following these steps, you can navigate through any complexities in the TBRC NFT contract and transfer your NFTs seamlessly using Getgems and OpenMask Wallet.

Enjoy your NFT journey!