TBRC Community Questions FAQ

Since the project launch, we have received extensive feedback from our users.

Therefore, we decided to create a quick FAQ to facilitate a smoother participation in the experiment and to maximize your earnings.

Before we started, we recommend you check these first:

Q: How many TBRC can I mint on my address?

A: Each address has a limit of 10,000 TBRC per 24-hour period. Regardless of how many NFTs you redeem, you can only mint 10,000 TBRC within this period, and this can only be done once a day.

For example, if you choose to mint 8,000 TBRC, you will receive 8,000 TBRC and will not be able to mint an additional 2,000 TBRC within the same 24 hours.

Q: How to mint tbrc?

A: To mint tbrc, start by redeeming your NFT on tbrc.app. Connect your wallet to getgem and enable your profile page. You can then view your tbrc NFT. Open it and locate the NFT token ID on the website. Enter this ID into the redeem box.

For instance, if the token ID for your tbrc NFT is 990, enter 990 into the box on tbrc.app/#/whitelist.

Enter 990 in the red box, then you could go to Mint tab to mint tbrc.

Q: Why did my tbrc NFT disappear after redemption?

A: After redeeming your NFT on tbrc.app, it will be ‘burned’. However, this is not a cause for concern. It’s a feature of our product design based on TON’s functionality. You can mint tbrc daily after redemption, up to a maximum of 10,000 tbrc.

Q: I own more than two NFTs in my address. How can I mint more than 10,000 TBRC per day?

A: You can transfer your additional NFTs to another address you own and then redeem them. However, don’t redeem more than one NFT in the same address as this will only allow you to mint 10,000 TBRC per day.

Q: Why did the transaction fail when I attempted to mint a new NFT or TBRC?

A: The gas fee in TON can sometimes be higher than what’s displayed in your wallet. Ensure you have at least 3-4 TON in your address before submitting a transaction.

Q: Why does the mint price for new NFTs become higher?

A: Because for every 500 NFTs minted, the price to mint a new NFT will increase by 500 tbrc.


Q: Why can’t I stake?

A: The stake function for TBRC is currently offline. We will provide an update once it’s live again.