All You Need To Know About tbrc

Introducing TBRC Inscription

TBRC stands at the forefront of innovation within TON eco, pioneering a fresh approach to digital asset management and social interaction via blockchain technology. By proposing the TBRC20 inscription standard through our TEP-142 proposal to TON Foundation, we’re doing more than launching a project; we’re championing a vision for a future where cyber connections are seamlessly integrated and more transparent than ever.

TBRC is on a mission to transform TON and Telegram into a decentralized powerhouse, redefining how tokens are issued, transacted, and how we engage socially. The first time on TON, your connection can create value.

How to join TBRC community?

First, you need to possess a WL. If you don’t have one, you can explore new WL spots being sold by others on the tbrc Marketplace.

Initially, there are 1,000 Whitelist spots available, with token IDs ranging from 0 to 999. New whitelists can be acquired with TBRC tokens, with a tiered exchange rate that increases for every 500 inscriptions minted. This starts from 8,000 TBRC for IDs 1000-1500, and so forth. (Note: The WLs will be airdropped as NFTs.)

Once you have secured a spot on the whitelist, you’re ready to embark on a journey with multiple rewarding paths:

  1. Mint Inscriptions for $TBRC: Use your whitelist spot to mint inscriptions and earn $TBRC tokens. These tokens provide several opportunities:
  • New Minting Spots: You can utilize your earned $TBRC to acquire new whitelist spots. These spots offer flexibility, allowing you to:
    • Minting on a New Address: To increase your earnings, utilize the new whitelist spot with a different address and continue to mint inscriptions.
    • Invite Others: Use your whitelist spot to invite other users and earn a portion of their LP staking rewards.
  1. Profit from Sales NFT: You can sell your owned NFT or new minting one on NFT marketplaces for profit. This approach provides a simple way to capitalize on your assets in the thriving market.

What can $TBRC do?

After minting inscriptions and earning $TBRC, you have several strategic options to maximize your profits.

  • Exchange for New Whitelist: Convert your $TBRC into new opportunities by trading them for additional whitelist spots. Every 500 NFTs minted, the price to mint a new NFT will increase by 500 tbrc. This not only boosts your potential to mint more inscriptions but also opens up further avenues for earnings.
  • Stake in the TON/TBRC Pool: Combine your $TBRC with $TON and stake them in the liquidity pool. This strategy earns you LP staking rewards, a savvy way to leverage your tokens and generate passive income.
  • Sell on DEX for Cash: In search of quick returns? Directly sell your $TBRC on DEX. This approach provides immediate liquidity and profit by tapping into the dynamic market prices of $TBRC.

Each of these options provides unique benefits, whether it’s reinvesting in the ecosystem to secure more whitelist spots, earning income through staking, or taking advantage of market fluctuations for direct financial gain.

The decision is yours!

LP Staking Rewards:

Stake your TON/TBRC in our pool to earn rewards. Our system is fully user-driven with no pre-mining. However, tokens given to TonUP DAO to support the UP/TBRC liquidity pool are not eligible for staking rewards.

1️. Users can stake their TON and TBRC in the TON/TBRC pool to earn TBRC token rewards. This system is fully user-driven with no pre-mining by the team.

2️. Any tokens given to TonUP DAO for the purpose of supporting the UP/TBRC liquidity pool will not qualify for staking rewards.

3️. An invitation reward program where you can earn 7% of the staking rewards from any user you invite, plus an additional 3% from their invitees. For instance, if User A invites User B, who then invites User C for LP Staking, and both B and C earn 10,000 tokens in rewards, A would receive 700 TBRC from B’s activities and an additional 300 TBRC from C’s.

:warning: HINT

The more users that mint inscriptions, the higher the short-term LP staking rewards will be. This system is designed to run concurrently to maximize both engagement and reward distribution.

How to Mint TBRC:

Here’s the one page guide for tbrc mint procedue.

$TBRC Allocation:

Total TBRC Supply: 2 billion

Inscription Allocation: 1 billion

LP Staking Rewards: 900 million

Invitation Reward: 100 million

How to Transfer TBRC NFT to Your Friends

The TBRC NFT contract can be complex, and transfers may occasionally fail. However, this tutorial aims to guide you through the process of transferring NFTs using Getgems and OpenMask Wallet, helping to onboard more people into tbrc.

User Guide: How to Transfer TBRC Whitelist NFTs

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