Whitelist Assemble! A Short Guide to Scoring WL Slots

The clock is ticking on securing your TonUP IDO whitelist spot, Have you locked in your WL yet?

Here’s a quick roundup for everyone if you looking for a whitelist slots.

TonUP Twitter Account 40,000+ Followers Milestone Giveaway (Close on Dec 18th)

How to enroll?

Whitelist numbers: 2

TonUp Joint-Giveaway Campaign With STON.fi

How to enroll?
Follow @STON.fi and @TonUP_io on Twitter, join their Telegram Group and hold at least 0.01 STON in your wallet before Dec. 18th

Whitelist numbers: 5 WL Winners and 10 Winners with 10 $STON

TonUP IDO Whitelist Giveaway Live on SoQuest!

How to enroll?
From Dec 15th to Dec 18th. Followed the tutorial on SoQuest, and you’re all set.

Whitelist numbers: 5

TonUp Community Challenge: Create & Win a Spot on the list!


How to enroll?
Post your meme with TonUP element in this channel with the hashtag #TonUPMemeMania.

Whitelist numbers: At least 20+ Winners

MathWallet x TonUP $UP Token WL Free Giveaway (Closed)

How to enroll?
Follow @MathWallet and @TonUP_io on Twitter, and submit your TON address on launchpad collectify!

Whitelist numbers: 3

TonUP Twitter Account 30,000+ Followers Milestone Giveaway (Closed)

How to enroll?

Whitelist numbers: 3

Rocket-cheque for 3000 UPXP

Here’s a little bit complicated, I know it’s not a WL event, but TonUP host a special $UP Cheque Distribution event via @xRocket, starting from Dec. 13rd to Dec. 20th. During this event, you’ll receive $UPXP, which represents your future $UP tokens.

On Dec. 21st, you’ll be able to exchange your $UPXP for $UP tokens on a 1:1 basis directly on @xRocket !

How to enroll?
- Join the event on Telegram between Dec. 13rd and Dec. 20th.
- Collect your $UPXP.
- Exchange it for $UP on Dec. 21st.

Whitelist numbers
It’s not a WL giveaway opportunity indeed, but somehow you could get some $UP too.