Linkhubs about how to get BOOMUP IDO whitelist

Hey guys, as a die-hard member of the community, I’m totally stoked about the news of BoomUP’s upcoming IDO! I’ve been seeing a lot of people in the community asking about how to get their hands on those coveted whitelist spots. So, I thought I’d put together a handy list of all the ways we know so far to secure a spot on the BoomUP IDO whitelist.

  • Keep your eyes peeled on TonUP and BoomUP’s social media accounts.

  • Pay close attention to influencers who are partnered with BoomUP, especially those posting about the IDO on Twitter or Telegram. They might just have some whitelist giveaways up their sleeves for you to win a spot.

Here are the link hubs for each WL event I know so far:

Giveaway by DetectiveTON on X * 1 WLs RT & Likes

BOOM UP x TonUP x Alphaton Joint AMA * 2 WLs Raffle for AMA listeners

BOOM UP x TonUP x MetaPhone *2 WLs Like & RT Raffle

LE Poker * 2 WLs Poker participants

На тон выше *1 WLs Raffle for subscribers

TonUP Chats * 2 WLs For best questions ask

TonUP Group *3 WLs For most active community members

BountyPortals x BoomUP WhiteList Giveaway! * 5 WLs

There you have it, folks - a roundup of all the ways to get your hands on a BoomUP IDO whitelist spot. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

I will keep this article updated, if I have more new info for BoomUP WLs event.


:link: For more IDO detailed information, visit TONUP

:open_book: For more project info and updates, check

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More event of WLs, each of them have 2 WLs slots.

And TonUP offical just released the rules of staking for WLs


Six more WLs inbound!

Third wave coming!