TonUP Introduces the Reward Pool Offering a Value of 390K With The Support of TON Foundation!

:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: We are thrilled to reveal our latest offering, made possible through the invaluable support of the TON Foundation. TonUP is proud to introduce the UP Farming Incentive!

:gem: Commencing March 4th, you have the incredible opportunity to participate in our most expansive farming initiative on DeDust. The TON/UP farm will distribute a substantial sum of 265K $UP and 50K $TON as rewards. To claim your share, simply stake your LP-tokens in the dedicated ‘Pools’ tab, which you receive in exchange for providing liquidity. The more you contribute to the farming pool, the greater your portion of rewards. Moreover, you retain the flexibility to withdraw your rewards at any time, adding to the excitement

:gear: No time for watse, and begin farming UP now by visiting here :point_right: Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and exciting opportunities as we continuously enhance your farming journey. Get ready to reap bountiful rewards with TonUP! :moneybag: