How to join TonUP Farming on (Over 250% APY All-Time High)

Introduces TonUP Farming Incentive on

TonUP are thrilled to reveal the latest offering, value of 390K Reward Pool Offering with the support of TON Foundation!

Commencing April 4th, UP/TON farm will distribute A substantial sum of 146,038 $UP + 50K $TON + 5000 $STON. New farms are being launched on , while old farms on will be discontinued.

To claim your share, simply stake your LP-tokens in the dedicated ‘ Pools’ tab, which you receive in exchange for providing liquidity. The more you contribute to the farming pool, the greater your portion of rewards. Moreover, you retain the flexibility to withdraw your rewards at any time.

How to join the “pool”?

  1. Open the in your browser. Click the Pools to jump into Pools page

  2. Click the UP/TON pool, then you could see ‘Add Liquidity’, you could input UP or TON number in the balance box, but please be aware you can’t deposit one side pool alone. You need to put an equivalent ratio of TON and UP to deposit on STON.

  3. After add Liquidity, you need to click ‘Farm’ to started Farm

Enter the amount of LP amount.

You could add more liquidlity or withdraw your token anytime.

Currently, the UP/TON boost pool has over 250% APY, it may have some changes, but it is absolutely worth trying!