My year in review on I will tell you how I earned more than $7,000 this year on the platform

Decentralized finance, in my opinion, plays one of the most important roles in the crypto market. They provide an environment in which users enjoy total autonomy in every action they take in this ecosystem. Security, easy access, low commissions, and speed in transactions are some of the characteristics that DEFI provides, and STONfi is one of the DEXs most committed to that premise. I’m going to tell you how I earned more than $7000 this year by participating in some trading, farming events and contests launched by

Approximately 3 years ago I learned about the TON Blockchain, which was called free ton at that time. Some things happened that gave birth to what we know today as The Open Network or TON, one of the most ambitious and revolutionary projects in the crypto environment. From the beginning I knew that the innovations that Ton was bringing to the ecosystem were very valuable.

In mid-February, I realized that they had launched the first DEX on the TON Blockchain, called STONfi, and I started to delve deeper into it. In conjunction with the Tonstarter launchpad, a spectacular launch competition was announced through the community incentives program, in which I undoubtedly wanted to be part. Just by completing some basic tasks and mining a series of stones daily and inviting friends we could be among the 100 winners and fortunately that was the case.

Something caught my attention and is that one of the missions of the project is literally, putting the community first in which the community’s opinion is valued at all times. That’s how I decided to be more active on their social networks, both on Discord and on Telegram, and I reaffirmed that their mission of taking the community into account first was true. A lot of Contests were held daily with prizes in NFT or tokens that were listed on the platform, but the one that was undoubtedly the most impressive was the STON bounty campaing in conjungtion withn zealy, where 300,000 STON were distributed to users for doing some tasks like the ones I show to continuation.

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Once again, thanks to my effort and my commitment to the project I was among the first 40 winners and my reward was absolutely worth it, since I received a reward of 2500 STON, which is equivalent today to approximately $7000, becoming the most profitable airdrop I have received in my entire adventure in the Blockchain.



Furthermore, apart from the STON received, I received arkeston tokens, which are the gasoline that will power the DAO system that is about to be launched, and in which the holders of these NFTs will be able to have voting power in all future decisions of the project. Decentralization everywhere you look…

I wanted to share my personal experience in recent months with stonfi so that you know that there are projects committed to the community and to encourage you to join us this next year, since there are a series of very promising innovations that are about to be launched.

Honestly, I have not known another platform in which not only my financial activities have had such great returns, but also for being an active member and contributing to the development and growth of the community, I have been rewarded in different ways, such as becoming a Stonbassador, which for me represents a great honor and an enormous responsibility to spread the message and the good news that is harvested here to all corners of the planet.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year I wish all our stonfiesrs :slight_smile:

This year 2023, without a doubt, has been exciting and wonderful and with important news related to stonfi

During this year, we have achieved great things, an ever-growing and committed community, an increasingly easy-to-use platform and a top-notch team that always brings us innovative advances.

My wish for 2024 is that we continue to strengthen our support with STONfi and that with the upcoming cross chain function we can reach millions of users throughout the crypto ecosystem

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