TonUP Ambassador Program

Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast fluent in a specific language and eager to make a substantial impact in the thriving world of Web3? TonUP, the leading launchpad on TON backed by the TON Foundation and Foresight X, is actively seeking passionate individuals to join our team as Ambassadors for language-specific communities.


The Opportunity

We are looking for a motivated and innovative local Community Lead, tasked with enhancing TonUP’s current presence and expanding its outreach within the language-specific community. The ideal candidate will possess a background in crypto community management, marketing, or growth, demonstrating a proven track record of nurturing and engaging crypto communities from inception.

Please note, this role requires adeptly managing multiple projects simultaneously, necessitating strong multitasking skills.


Your Responsibilities

For daily tasks, you will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of our channels and groups, including deleting spam messages, addressing member inquiries, and aiding in the translation of our announcements. You will receive a baseline salary for these routine duties.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to earn additional rewards by actively contributing to our community. TonUP Ambassadors are incentivized with $UP tokens based on a task-based system. Each task carries a specific reward, ensuring equitable compensation for your contributions. For example, successfully pitching TonUP to an influencer earns you 10 $TonUP, with a bonus of 500 $UP for successfully onboarding them onto TonUP.

Please note, TonUP ambassadors are not allowed to promote the similar projects or competitors of TonUP on their social medias.


Here‘re the details

Social Activities: Implement and optimize daily marketing campaigns across various channels and platforms to expand TonUP’s community.

  • Craft an introductory post in the local language about the latest developments in TonUP. + 20 $TonUP
  • Engage with TonUP on social platforms. + 5 $TonUP

The monthly cap for earnings in this category is 300 $TonUP.

Community Expansion: Foster partnerships with influential individuals and marketing collaborators to enhance the project’s visibility.

  • Represent TonUP as an Ambassador in an online AMA or other types of events. + 100 $TonUP
  • Produce a high-quality introduction article in the local language or English about TonUP’s IDO project. + 200 $TonUP

The monthly cap for earnings in this category is 1000 $TonUP.

Ecosystem Growth: Collaborate with the team to execute initiatives for TonUP and its ecosystem projects, specifically in DeFi, Inscription, and Web3 Gaming.

  • Successfully facilitate a partnership between the TonUP team and an influencer across various social platforms. +200~500 $TonUP
  • Successfully introduce a project for IDO to TonUP team. + 2000 $TonUP

The monthly cap for earnings in this category is 5000 $TonUP.



The base pay for an Ambassador is 200 $TonUP. As detailed below, your earnings can increase based on your contributions to the community. The level of involvement you choose is entirely flexible! According to the breakdown provided, an ambassador has the potential to earn 6000 + 200 $TonUP per month, which is approximately equivalent to $6000 USD!

  • Disclaimer: The amount of $TonUP earned per task may be subject to adjustments based on changes in the price of $TonUP. The TonUP team reserves the final right to evaluate the integrity of each task.

How to Apply

Please submit your application here:

TonUP Ambassador Application | WorkForms

We will contact you within three working days after receiving your application. If you don’t receive our feedback within two weeks, feel free to contact us.

About Us

Microcosm Labs is the innovation hub and venture building lab dedicated to TON’s ecosystem. We have incubated TonUP, the core launchpad on TON backed by TON Foundation. We always believe that every small innovation has the potential to change the world.

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Great !! done ! i hope to be considered. tonUP is definetely the most promising launchpad on TON and i would like to be part of this revolution.

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