Apply for TonUP Grants

TonUP and Foresight X are excited to announce the launch of our grants program, offering more than 200K USD in funding to support innovative projects and initiatives. We welcome applications from individuals, organizations, and teams who are passionate about driving positive change and making a meaningful impact in their communities.

To apply for the grants, please reply to this thread with the following information:

  • About the projects (description)
  • What problem are you trying to solved?
  • How can you benefit the TON / TonUP ecosystem?
  • Background of the team and contacts

Thank you for your interest in the TonUP and Foresight X grants program. We look forward to have you on TonUP.

  • About the projects (description)
    Project Name: TonGPU
    dapp: (will be released before April 1st)
    One sentence to describe: Utilize users’ idle computational resources to meet the asynchronous training needs of large-scale AI models, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for winwin

  • What problem are you trying to solved?
    Problem 1: High Costs and Lack of Flexibility in Centralized Cloud Services
    Problem 2: Underutilized High-Performance User Equipment

  • How can you benefit the TON / TonUP ecosystem?
    To address the aforementioned challenges, our solution is to provide a decentralized computational power leasing platform that fully utilizes idle user machines, offering unused computational resources to those who genuinely need them. This approach facilitates a mutually beneficial scenario for both resource providers and lessees. Leveraging the robust user community on the Ton blockchain, our dApp will initially launch in a web version, followed by development within the Telegram mini-app environment. This integration will enable all Telegram users to conveniently rent out or lease others’ machines directly within Telegram. Our dApp is scheduled to go live before April 1st, commencing epoch 1 of our early rewards program. All machines joining our network will be rewarded based on their online duration, encouraging participation and contribution to the network. This strategic rollout aims to streamline the process of computational resource sharing, making it accessible, efficient, and profitable for participants, thereby fostering a vibrant ecosystem for AI and machine learning development.

  • Background of the team and contacts
    Our team consists of 6 members, including:

  1. CEO Focuses on researching business and economic models, pinpointing customer sources, and exploring sustainable business models combined with blockchain.
  2. Contract Developer With extensive experience in blockchain development, proficient in languages including FunC, C++, Rust, and Solidity, having developed over 2000 different contract functionalities.
  3. Full Stack Engineer Responsible for website development and backend coding, previously developed a web-based shooting game.
  4. Asynchronous AI Training Engineer Possesses years of experience in deep model training, primarily using PyTorch and TensorFlow.
  5. Marketing Manager Specializes in marketing within the TG ecosystem, proficient in various social media tools, and maintains good relationships with KOLs and communities.
  6. Community Manager Proficient in using various social media management tools, maintains community engagement, and answers community inquiries.
    @DFKGPU (Telegram)