Foresight X and TonUP launch $200,000 grants program for the TON Ecosystem

:tada: Announcement! Foresight X and TonUP are partnering up for a groundbreaking initiative - Grants Program!

:handshake: "As beneficiaries of the TON Foundation grants ourselves, we understand how crucial these grants are for startups. Our mission is to empower more teams to enrich the TON ecosystem. " - Leo, Founder of TonUP

:globe_with_meridians: We are thrilled to announce a $200,000 grants program, aiming to support over 20 projects that are pioneering on the TON platform. As Leo, the founder of TonUP, says, "Weโ€™ve experienced firsthand the impact of TON Foundation grants. Now, itโ€™s our turn to give back and help other startups thrive in the TON ecosystem.โ€

:fire: Focus Areas: Weโ€™re targeting startups developing upper-layer applications and exploring Telegram Mini App integrations.

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