Tap Fantasy AMA - Will Ton venture into a new GameFi path?

Aug. 28th
Host: @TonUP_io
Guests: @jzinvest_xyz@k0xinga@0xRunchen @tapfantasy2021

Part 1 - Directed Q&A about the Tap Fantasy :star:

:one: How was Tap Fantasy’s past performance, and why did you decide to deploy on Ton?

Tap Fantasy is an MMORPG blockchain game based on HTML5. Players can directly participate in the game through a webpage or wallet, ensuring a convenient real-time gaming experience. The game is also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. We have 700,000 players worldwide and have attracted investments from renowned BSC entities such as NGC, YGGSEA, and Miranna.

In January 2022, we launched on the Binance NFT market and became the most popular NFT. By March, we released Tap Fantasy Metaverse: NFT Game on the bsc chain. That same month, it was available on the App Store, Google Play, and Facebook Instant Game. Through strategic releases and collaborations, Tap Fantasy consistently expanded its player base and influence. Boasting a runtime of over 500 days, Tap Fantasy has attracted more than 700,000 global users, ranking 5th among BSC chain games and leading on Solana. Notably, our game token $MC had an initial listing price of 0.5u and peaked at 1.5U. After enduring a bear market for over a year, its current price is 0.64u. Our token price has shown stable growth.

Given Tap Fantasy’s robust performance, we’re confident of significant achievements on TON. We will launch Tap Fantasy’s Telegram bot version in September this year with the official support of the TON foundation (thanks to the TON foundation). Deeply integrated with Telegram, which boasts 500 million monthly active users, TON is an ideal platform for user acquisition. Its allure isn’t limited to cryptocurrency users; it also paves the way for Web2 users’ conversion. Moreover, our experience of releasing games on social media platforms has reinforced our decision to launch on TON.

Tap Fantasy’s Telegram bot integrates seamlessly with @wallet and Tonkeeper wallet, offering users an extremely convenient way to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currency. This also facilitates easier and more accessible wallet creation, lowering the entry barrier. Given Tap Fantasy’s impressive performance and the synergy between TON blockchain and Telegram’s user base, we anticipate attracting more players into our engaging game world. We’re optimistic about achieving significant milestones on the TON platform.

:two: Regarding the GameFi “death spiral,” what are the guests’ views on avoiding this?

Tap Fantasy BD:
I personally feel that the “death spiral” mainly arises from excessive user speculation. It leads to projects that rise quickly in the short term but collapse due to a lack of sustainable mechanisms. For GameFi projects, the key to avoiding this is to create a rational economic model, focusing on building a healthy and sustainable economic system to ensure in-game economic balance and stability. Such an economic model can reduce the risks brought about by excessive user speculation, preventing projects from undergoing boom-bust cycles and discouraging newcomers from “catching a falling knife.” It can also support the project’s long-term plans, emphasizing the sustainable development of the game token and user experience rather than just pursuing short-term gains.

As users, I believe everyone should manage their personal asset risks. Do not pour all funds into a single project. Diversify investments across various GameFi projects to reduce risks. Moreover, paying attention to the sustainability of GameFi projects and exiting at appropriate positions is crucial.

:three: The $MC token of Tap Fantasy is relatively stable on BSC and hasn’t experienced a “death spiral.” Is this due to a unique Tokenomic of Tap Fantasy?

Indeed, the economic model of $MC is meticulously designed to offset risks associated with the “death spiral,” ensuring continuous appreciation of token value. Here’s how the $MC token economy works:

The daily supply formula for $MC is: Daily Supply = Total Consumption * 80% / Vesting Days * Yield Rate.

Vesting days roughly equate to the cumulative days of token consumption. The more tokens consumed, the longer the unlock days. Yield Rate varies between 0.2 and 1 and is used to control $MC’s production when its price falls significantly. The daily quantity of $MC generated in the game is determined by the total consumption of MC x 80%, divided by the vesting days and then multiplied by the Yield Rate. The vesting days are roughly equivalent to the cumulative days of MC token consumption. When the $MC price falls, the yield rate decreases, ranging between 0.2 to 1. When the yield rate reaches the standard value of 1, there’s no impact on output. As mentioned, the formula is based on 80% of the total consumption. The remaining 20% is allocated with 10% being burned, and the other 10% goes to the team. This strategy aims to reduce token output, incentivizing an upward trend in the $MC token price. Furthermore, a standard $MC price is established every quarter

:four: Compared to its BSC version, what are the key improvements and optimizations made by Tap Fantasy on the TON chain?

Tap Fantasy’s $MC token on the TON chain will have expanded use cases. First and foremost, the forging of Tap Fantasy’s NFT will require the consumption of the $MC token. Furthermore, the integration of Tap Fantasy with Telegram will allow users to seamlessly link the game’s internal ecosystem with the extensive consumer habits of the Telegram community, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of assets in and out. With the integration, users can utilize Telegram’s built-in custodial/non-custodial wallets among other features.

Additionally, the deployment of Tap Fantasy on the TON chain is well-prepared to welcome a broader community. To incentivize the participation of the TON chain community, the initial launch price of the $MC token on the TON chain will be set lower than its current market price on the BSC chain. This strategy aims to reduce the entry barrier for a vast number of potential users on the TON chain, expanding Tap Fantasy’s overall capacity on this platform.

Lastly, in response to the TON chain community’s market, the Tap Fantasy team has developed a functional Telegram Bot. This will further leverage the high-frequency communication feature of Telegram for more direct game promotions, reaching out to a wider Telegram community. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new referral commission mechanism, aiming to establish a pattern of user profit and growth in new users.

In summary, with this strategic decision to deploy on the TON chain, Tap Fantasy will achieve significant improvements and optimizations in terms of playability, token economics, and user experience. This move also sets a commendable precedent for GameFi projects considering entry into the TON ecosystem.

Part 2 - Round-Table Discussion : What advantages does GameFi have on the Ton platform? :star:

JZ @jzinvest_xyz: The inherent communication attributes of the Ton chain can effectively assist GameFi projects in marketing and promotion.

Ton’s innate advantages are challenging for many web3 projects to replicate, and even if they wish to do so, it would come at a significant cost. Most Web3 project developers prioritize finalizing their projects, then employ marketing strategies or collaborations to launch them in the market. What sets Telegram apart is its already massive native user base, which can be directly tapped into for user acquisition. In reality, when promoting a project, the most straightforward method is through social media platforms—communication platforms, in particular, are quite effective and successful in this respect. Therefore, Telegram and Ton naturally have the upper hand when fostering the GameFi ecosystem.

Jerry @0xRunchen:By embedding mini-games within social media platforms, existing social relationships can be leveraged in GameFi, realizing mutual benefits between Telegram and gaming attributes.

For those familiar with mainland China, internet giants like Tencent have launched numerous Hyper-Causal games in the past decade of mobile internet, such as “Tian Tian Kuai Pao” and “Wangzhe Rongyao” (Honor of Kings). A common trait of Tencent games is their ability to access social networking data primarily from WeChat and QQ. By linking social connections with gaming, Tencent transformed “playing games” from an individual activity to a collective one. For instance, I might play Honor of Kings or other casual games to have common topics to discuss with acquaintances.

Could there be a future where Telegram develops social and leisure connections based on its social attributes? Whether Telegram initiates it or gains it through sharing, this could give rise to a new form of gaming, integrating Web3 GameFi into everyday life. Once this happens, it would genuinely represent “Massive Adoption” for Web3.0. In reality, games facilitate massive adoption more easily than payments, and the added layer of social attributes always encourages collective activities.

John (Head of Ton Foundation for the Greater China Region)@k0xinga**
: The diverse strengths of the Tap Fantasy team perfectly align with the unique advantages of the Ton ecosystem.

I have a decent understanding of the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem. Jerry has qualitatively explained the synergy between social platforms and mini-programs. I can provide some quantitative details for a more direct perception. Currently, the total number of WeChat Mini Programs exceeds 3 million, with over 7 million developers, and among these, mini-game programs surpass 400,000.

In terms of format and design, these mini-game programs closely resemble the integration of Tap Fantasy within Telegram. Technically, both development frameworks are based on HTML5, making them very similar. The Ton Foundation invited Tap Fantasy to the Ton blockchain ecosystem because the Tap Fantasy development team has extensive experience in WeChat mini-game development and has also been involved in releasing games on the Facebook Gaming platform. Hence, Tap Fantasy is very seasoned in creating this type of game within social networks, and they’ve been blending their expertise with Web3.0 blockchain technology for the game Tap Fantasy.

After two years of refinement, the Tap Fantasy team has accumulated vast experience in both web3 and mini-games, a rarity in the market. Hence, the Ton Foundation and Tap Fantasy saw immense value in each other, leading the former to invest in the latter, actively developing on the chain and launching Bot mini-game programs on Telegram. Tap Fantasy’s backend operation is managed by Pluto Studio, which may release not just one GameFi in the future but possibly multiple GameFi projects on Telegram and Ton. So, we can look forward to that.

Part 3 - About Tap Fantasy IDO: :star:

Tap Fantasy is set to undergo its IDO on TonUp on August 30th. This marks the first-ever IDO project for TonUp. We’ve poured heart and soul into every step and design aspect of this issuance process. While Tap Fantasy itself boasts a robust mechanism to combat token price volatility, TonUp, to safeguard the rights and interests of IDO community members, has also devised a PlanB, known as the CPP (Community Protection Plan).

CPP is a series of protection initiatives we’ve launched to defend the interests of those participating in the IDO. This plan consists of several components (varying depending on the project; please refer to the IDO page):

Liquidity Supervision Plan: Projects participating in this plan will inject a portion (more than 60%) or all of their raised funds into a DEX to form LP. TonUp, in collaboration with the project’s team, will oversee this LP segment through multi-signatures. The Liquidity Supervision Plan ensures depth at the time of project launch, safeguarding the interests of IDO participants.
Price Protection Plan: Projects in this plan have a minimum price guarantee (no less than 80%). If, within a specified period post-launch (no less than 90 days), the project token’s DEX transaction price falls below the protection price, TonUp will handle refunds at the protection price. Within the Price Protection Plan, TonUp will oversee a portion of the funds raised. Tokens already sold by users are not covered by this plan.
It’s important to note that not all projects will be covered by the TonUp Community Protection Plan (TonUP CPP). We will indicate on the IDO page whether a project is part of the TonUP CPP.

We’re also thrilled to announce that our inaugural IDO project, Tap Fantasy, has joined the TonUP CPP’s Liquidity Supervision Plan. Tap Fantasy pledges that 100% of its fundraising amount will be used alongside the liquidity portion of the token to form LP, supervised by multi-signatures from both the TonUP and Tap Fantasy teams. If there’s any part of the funds not fully raised, the tokens will be destroyed under TonUP’s supervision.

Given the volatility and risks associated with the cryptocurrency market, we urge everyone to approach IDO participation with caution. Lastly, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the TON Foundation and the community for their unwavering support.

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