All you need to know about Daollama $LLAMA IDO

About daolama

With large amounts of capital locked into illiquid NFTs, more people are looking for ways to unlock liquidity without selling their NFTs.

NFT loans are solving the illiquidity problem facing most digital collectibles.

DAOLama allow users to put their NFT down as collateral and receive instant access to a trust-less loan without having to talk to the lender or wait to be approved.

DAOLama provides ecosystem for NFTs (renting service, marketplace, private auctions) and jettons (upcoming token lending).

DAOLama has introduced the Llama game that will be launched this summer.

About IDO

  • Token Name: $LLAMA
  • Participant Methods: FCFS
  • Public Round: 0.012 TON, max supply 3,000,000 (April 29th UTC 10:00 - May 1 UTC 16:00)
  • Claim Date: May 1th UTC 16:00
  • Vesting: 100% TGE

Token utilities

Service income distribution: $LLAMA token holders benefit from service income distribution, earning passive income based on their participation in the ecosystem.

Integration into daolama ecosystem: $LLAMA tokens seamlessly integrate into the service, providing users with exclusive discounts and utilities for NFT and token private auctions, rental service, marketplace, and all new products.

Discounts for users: Users enjoy discounts within the DAOLama ecosystem, enhancing their experience and incentivizing participation.

The Llama game: The Llama Game offers a gamified experience with different game modes where users can earn $LLAMA tokens through various activities and challenges, fostering engagement and community growth.

Staking and farming: $LLAMA tokens can be staked and farmed, allowing users to earn additional rewards and participate in governance decisions.

Jettons lending protocol: $LLAMA holders will have privileges using DAOLama jettons lending protocol, which enable users to lend and borrow tokens with customizable terms and options.

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