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MomoAl is an innovative Al-powered social game growth platform. It integrates viral mechanics and Al-bot interaction technologies to drive rapid user growth and deep engagement within the Telegram ecosystem.

The platform incentivizes users to organically spread awareness through social sharing, enabling viral expansion and rapidly scaling the user base. MomoAl constructs a multi-tiered user engagement model - starting from onboarding new “zero-cost” users, then guiding users into on-chain interactions, ultimately converting the users into investment-oriented participants.

MomoAl will offer users a seamless experience accessing a diversified game matrix enabled by the interoperable MTOS token. For developers, MomoAl will provide user traffic support, economic system design, and advanced Al technology services to foster game growth and innovation.

Product Features

MomoAl: The AI-Powered Social Gaming Growth Platform, building a digital native world on TON and SOLANA.

User Growth Driven

  • Integrates viral mechanics and AI-powered bot interactions

  • Drives rapid user acquisition and deep engagement within the Telegram ecosystem

Impressive Traction

  • Reached 1 million users within 50 days of launch

  • 90k daily active Solana wallet addresses

  • Ranked #18 on DappRadar, #3 in Solana ecosystem, #1 in Solana gaming

  • Total wallets up to 190k

  • Top regions: US, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, SEA, Korea

Refined User Engagement

  • Incentivizes organic social sharing for viral expansion

  • Constructs multi-tiered user participation model, from onboarding to investment

Enriched Gaming Experience

  • Offers diverse game matrix via interoperable MTOS token

  • Provides developer support on user traffic, economic design, and advanced AI

Innovative Ecosystem Incubation

  • Fosters rapid growth and innovation of games in the Telegram ecosystem

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