All You Need to Know about BOOM UP IDO

Everything you need to know about $BOOM IDO

We are excited to announce the IDO of BOOM UP!

BOOM UP is a Game-fi project based on the Ton blockchain, accessible via Telegram.
It offers players the opportunity to earn profits while enjoying leisure gaming and provides an exciting gaming experience, artistic enjoyment, and social interactions.

What is the goal of BOOM UP?

BOOM UP aims to create a memorable Game-fi experience distinguished by its unforgettable art style, surprising game journey, and sustainable and high-quality profitability.
We hope to blur the boundaries between Web2 and Web3, effectively leveraging Telegram’s traffic and social advantages. Our goal is to attract Web2 gamers into our world with the quality of our games and then introduce them to the Web3 world through excellent profitability.
All these efforts will make BOOM UP the hottest Game-fi on the Ton chain!

How do we achieve this goal?
Lightweight Gaming Experience

BOOM UP rejects the idea of consuming massive amounts of players’ time and energy.
We are committed to letting all players gain maximum benefits and the most wonderful gaming experience in the least amount of time.
You don’t need to spend two hours or more continuously in BOOM UP; even a few minutes of gameplay each day can meet your needs.

Enhanced Social Experience

BOOM UP effectively integrates the advantages of Telegram as a social app, providing effective icebreakers for stranger interactions.
The asynchronous social model fits well with Telegram’s infrastructure and can further enhance players’ social experiences.

Perfect Game Mode

BOOM UP combines random rewards, base building, asynchronous socializing, and the lighthearted humor of Monopoly-style games.
Players aim to achieve economic success in the game, which can seamlessly translate into real-world earnings, making the Game-fi model more unified and coherent.

Quality Economic Model

BOOM UP adopts a complete token deflation model, allowing players to obtain substantial and continuous profits within the game.
Both Web2 and Web3 players can experience the full game process and enhance their gaming experience and earnings by spending soft currency for game benefits.
We offer more than one mode of resource acquisition and consumption, ensuring a continuous positive feedback loop for players.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities Intro

The total supply of BOOM UP tokens, $BOOM, is 10,000,000,000.
IDO & IWO - 1.67%
Community & Airdrops - 10%
In-game earnings - 40%
Team - 22%
Investors - 13%
Liquidity - 5%
Marketing - 8.33%

Investors: 5% at TGE, followed by a cliff for 3 months, then linear vesting over 12 months.
Team: 0% at TGE, followed by a cliff for 6 months, then linear vesting over 16 months.
In-game earnings: Players will be vested at any time through a brief and stable unlocking period.
Community and airdrops: 20% at TGE, with linear vesting over 10 months.
Marketing: 20% at TGE, with linear vesting over 10 months.
IDO & IWO: 100% at TGE.

The BOOM UP IDO is an integral part of the TonUP CPP program, offering a comprehensive refund policy if the $BOOM token price dips below the IDO price.

For the IDO, we will be offering two rounds with new mode:

  • Community Round: July 11th, 10:00 AM UTC - 12:00 PM UTC

This exclusive round is reserved for our active community members and key opinion leaders. Stay tuned to our social channels for details on how to earn a spot.

  • UPer Round: July 11th, 12:00 PM UTC - July 12th, 12:00 PM UTC

This round is open only to $UP token holders. To participate, simply hold and stake your $UP to earn token rewards and potential allocation. We will announce the staking details soon.

The $BOOM IDO price details and single whitelist participation amounts will be gradually revealed.

The upcoming BOOM UP IDO is an integral part of TonUP’s comprehensive Community Protection Plan (CPP) initiative, designed to safeguard the interests of our valued IDO participants.

Key Highlights of the CPP:

  • $BOOM will be listed on an array of CEXs endorsed by TonUP, including but not limited to Binance, OKX, Bybit, Bitget,, and MEXC, within one week post-IDO completion (though this is not a guaranteed listing). Should the listing fail to occur, a full refund will be automatically initiated.

  • A complete refund will also be initiated in the event that the CEX price falls below the IDO price for a continuous period exceeding 24 hours, within 7 days following the $BOOM IDO.

  • During this 7-day period post-IDO (CPP period), all IDO-contracted tokens will be securely held in the tonup-custody.ton account and will only be released once the stipulations of the CPP have been fully satisfied.

  • Please note that full refunds will only be applicable to users who actively participated in the IDO and to tokens that have remained untraded. Detailed procedures regarding the refund process will be communicated if and when a refund is triggered.

The upcoming $BOOM IDO is a bit different - it’s open exclusively to Whitelisted participants and $UP token stakers.
We have a great Community Protection Plan in place, and there are only limited whitelist spots up for grabs, making this a super exclusive opportunity.

How to secure your spot:
Community Round (July 11, 10AM - 12PM UTC) Total Fundraising: $20,000 worth of $TON

  • This exclusive round is reserved for our active community members and key opinion leaders.
  • We’re collaborating with projects, communities, and KOLs on #TON to share the Whitelists joys. Each Whitelist will have $100 participation opportunity.

Check our social medias or the community guide for the entries:
UPer Round (July 11, 12PM UTC - July 12, 12PM UTC):
Total Fundraising: $80,000 worth of

  • This round is open only to $UP token holders. To participate, simply hold and stake your $UP. You’ll get the chance to earn huge $UP token rewards, also the chance to win a $BOOM IDO Whitelist.
  • Stake >3000 $UP to be qualified and secure your UPer Whitelist spot. A snapshot will be taken on July 9th to select the UPer Whitelist users. Each UPer Whitelist will have $100 participation opportunity.

Road map

In July 2024, we will launch the public beta version of BOOM UP, including IDO and IWO.
At the same time, the game will continue to expand its content and update its version.