🎉 1.5M Total Value Locked (TVL) Milestone Achieved!

Since the start of the OpenLeague, supported by the @ton_blockchain, our $TonUP holders have skyrocketed by an impressive 9,992, while our Total Value Locked (TVL) has surged to a remarkable 1.5 Million.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this outstanding accomplishment with our community!

Previously, we launched an airdrop event where users claimed all $UP rewards for signing the ToS within a mere 3 hours. The ToS serves as a critical requirement for participating in our IDO. In celebration of the Open League’s achievements, we’re extending our inclusive activities. By signing the ToS, you’ll still receive a generous 0.5 $UP rebate, ensuring everyone’s gas fees are covered.

Excitingly, we’re actively exploring potential projects on TON and will soon welcome a multitude of IDO projects.

Stay tuned for more updates! Your attention and support are greatly appreciated.

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