All You Need To Know About TonTogether Mainnet Beta (LUP: 2024/3/20)


1. Which wallet should I connect to the site?
You can connect any of the wallets below to the site: Tonkeeper, MyTonWallet, Openmask, Tonhub, DeWallet, XTONWallet, TON Wallet and Telegram wallet.
Please make sure you deposit the $TON to TON Space Beta if you connected your Telegram wallet.
Click here to read more about Telegram wallet.

2. What is Time-Weighted Average Balance?
We adopt the Time-Weighted Average Balance to calculate how many tickets you’ll hold when you deposit. When depositing the same amount, the earlier you join, the more prize tickets you could earn. By leveraging the power of time, you increase your chances of winning enticing rewards. It’s a game-changer that adds an exciting dimension to your savings journey.