Comparison of the 4 common wallets on Ton, which one is better to use?

With the development of the TON ecosystem and the integration of Telegram, more and more wallets supporting TON are emerging (especially the two wallets built into Telegram are often confused). In this article, I will briefly introduce a few commonly used TON wallets and their differences.

1/ Wallet - Wallet is a bot in Telegram, which can be opened by searching @wallet. After opening, you can see this tab in the settings of Telegram. It is worth noting that Wallet is a hosted wallet developed and operated by the TOP team, and it is highly integrated with Telegram and can directly transfer funds in conversations.

2/ TON Space - After entering Wallet, you will see a TON Space Beta (If you don’t see it, you can open it in the Wallet’s settings). This is a non-custodial wallet. TON Space is a complete wallet, which can be imagined as Metamask embedded in Telegram, supporting the deposit of NFTs, calling third-party applications and transactions, etc. TON Space can be called by web applications and Telegram’s built-in mini-apps.

3/ Tonkeeper - Tonkeeper is a TON wallet independent of Telegram and is also a non-custodial wallet. It was launched earlier than TON Space and is more advanced in terms of stability and user experience. For interaction with applications, I would recommend using Tonkeeper.

4/ MyTonWallet - A good alternative to Tonkeeper. It provides a better application experience than Tonkeeper, and supports features that Tonkeeper does not, such as signing with Li Xian, which is also my most commonly used wallet.

The above four are the commonly used wallets in the TON ecosystem. Considering the current situation of TON, my personal recommendation is to use Tonkeeper and MyTonWallet to interact with Dapp on the chain.