Twitter Thread: Telegram is 宸ㄥぇ鐨勬车馃殌

Hats off to @topdotco for an exceptional rebranding! :tada: Suffice it to say,

@wallet_tg is set to drive major adoption in the #crypto space. As a pioneer developer on the key launchpad of @ton_blockchain, we鈥檙e excited to share more about our journey.

1/ The video present #TONSpace - a non-custodial wallet fully integrated within @telegram, specifically designed for @ton_blockchain. It serves as a complete private key wallet, supporting all on-chain operations, such as signing and executing smart contracts.

2/ @topdotco also hosts another built-in wallets (just search 鈥榳allet鈥 in Telegram). These custodial wallets act as perfect payment solutions, connected directly with your Telegram account. Simplifying transactions with friends like never before!

3/ Together, these two wallets create a robust ecosystem. The custodial wallet streamlines payments and onboarding, while the non-custodial wallet facilitates complex DeFi and gaming operations.

Who said mass adoption has to be hard?

4/ The game changer is how this creates a comprehensive set of financial tools for Telegram, opening up more application possibilities. Reflect on the similar Chinese product @WeChatApp, recording 3.5 trillion CNY transaction volumes in 2022. Telegram is 宸ㄥぇ鐨勬车! :rocket:

5/ The inflow of 800M users shows that @topdotco & #tAPP are set to revolutionize blockchain scenarios. Imagine in-app purchases, e-commerce, bill splitting, paid subscriptions & more, all on Telegram. Brace for a new era of truly borderless apps, powered by TON and Telegram.

6/ The best part? These applications effortlessly merge with DeFi. Pay not with USD, but with interest-bearing USD token. No ready cash? Borrow easily through DeFi.

The next evolution in DeFi is DeFi powered by real user scenarios!

7/ And don鈥檛 overlook the potential of gaming & game-fi! No app downloads or wallet connections - simply tap and play. Telegram integration makes gaming with friends easy and fun.

Remember, your Telegram is not just a chat app - it鈥檚 your wallet and your playground.

8/ Ready for a deep dive? Helpful resources right here for you:

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