All You Need To Know About $PIG OF TON IDO on TonUPx

Pig of Ton Introduction

Pig Of Ton is the adorable pig-centered social ecosystem game, where simple one-touch actions like Merge and IO unfold immense fun. This game merges straightforward strategy with creativity, inviting you to explore the pig world, upgrade old technologies, merge pigs to form new varieties, and dig for treasures. Join with friends to become a Pigizen and ascend the leaderboard. There are countless exciting token-hunting events awaiting.

Problem Solving
The current simple token minting games on Ton and Telegram are attracting a lot of users. However, they often see high exit rates and tend to be short-lived projects. We aim to reinvent this mechanism by creating multiple small minting games that are part of a larger narrative and supported by expansion packs, building them into a significant long-term project.
We aim to create a metaverse with various simple game mechanics that are operated under a new, decentralized, and engaging social structure, based on the Telegram platform and the TON blockchain.
We aspire to become a Unicorn Project on Ton and the most played project on Telegram.


  • Beta Game Phase 1: Merge - Tournament - Miner - Super Box - Invite Friend - Farming
  • NFT Game play - Beta phase 2: Survival Game PVE - NFT Item - Inventory - Wallet - Lucky Spine
  • Social Game - Beta phase 3: Social System - PVP - Clan/Guild Mechanic

$PIG token is the main token in Pig of Ton ecosystem with tokenomics following:

Token Utility:

  • Buying Merge POT Item - Miner - Lucky - Turbo Item - Open Super Box
  • Buying NFT - Upgrade - Level up - Breeding NFT
  • Some Fee in Game

Official Links: